6 strategies to get your ex back without going crazy

Bringing your ex back into your life without tracking him down and giving him the impression that you are in the middle of a manhunt is possible. Just put in more subtle tactics.

1- Explain yourself

You can not conceive of life without him and do not understand what could have messed up between you? Dialogue then appears to be the first thing to do in order to attempt reconciliation. Let him know how you feel, that you are missing and that you would like things to work out between you. A discussion, a statement and it starts again? Worth a try anyway!

2- Give her time

It does not respond to your advances yet so attractive? Don’t chase him. He may need some time to think and realize that he misses you. If you call him and send him short (long) messages constantly, he won’t have a chance. Worse, you risk getting drunk and frightening him with your insistence.

3- fire him from social networks

Tracking down your ex on Facebook is a false good idea. It makes you suffer and he is not fooled. He knows very well that you are tracking him. Besides, he may do the same, just to see what you become and that you are still very single . If you transfer it from your friends on social networks, it will no longer be able to hear from you except by asking you directly. Maybe his male pride will take a hit and he’ll want to know why you broke your 2.0 ties. If necessary, this will not be lost cause because know that we recover faster from a break if we do not follow his ex on Facebook.

4- Repent (if applicable)

The relationship ended by your fault and you bite your fingers? Whether this rupture is due to infidelity, exacerbated jealousy or a lack of commitment on your part, if you care about him, it is important that you tell him about your remorse and feelings about him. So are the efforts you are prepared to make to prevent this from happening again.

5- Keep your head up

Crying and messages full of nostalgia unfortunately have little chance of moving your ex to the point of making him want to come back. At best, it will take pity on you and it is certainly not the expected effect. On the other hand, striving to remain dignified, indifferent and make him believe that you are ready to “stay friends” with him, that could make him fall back into your nets more easily. And if it doesn’t work, you will always have saved yourself a few tears and remained worthy.

6- Go ahead

Work on yourself and make plans (without him): a new job , a change of haircut, a trip … Mainly beneficial for yourself, this approach will help you to feel more fulfilled , good in your sneakers and doing so, may make your former lover want to be part of your life again. In any case, it is a positive approach that will allow you to feel better. And that’s the most important thing, isn’t it?

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