6 Ideas for Spring Fever Family Fun

Some of my favorite memories as a child are from springtime, that time of year when kids can run free and break off the constraints of being stuck in the house all winter.  There really is something wonderful about looking around and seeing the first bloom of spring or the smiles on people’s faces as they bask in the glow of the spring sun. Spring is all about new life. In fact, all aspects of our lives could benefit from a little spring fever—that renewed energy and optimism that brings us out of the blahs of winter into the glories of spring.

Here are 6 ideas for spring fever family fun. {Tweet This}

1. Family Bubbles

Get everyone, and we mean everyone—Mom, Dad, teenagers, and little kids—armed with bubbles. Give everyone their own bottle of bubbles and head outdoors for a bubble war.

2. Balloon Battle

The preparation for this one is a riot on its own. As you’re filling up your water balloons, you’ll likely have many that will pop. It will just add to the fun. Once you have a basket full of filled balloons, let the battle begin. If it is too cold for water, fill the balloons with air and head to the basement to swat them around.

3. Outdoor Fun

If the weather is warm enough where you live, head outside. We have 15 backyard family games to keep you busy.

4. Food Adventure

Mix in a little learning with a little snacking. Teach your child about different kinds of fruits and veggies that they normally don’t eat. First, see if you and your kids even recognize some of these! Then have them choose one new food to try.

5. Game Time

If it’s still a little chilly in your neck of the woods, have a game day. Let each child choose a game and set the timer for 20 minutes. When the timer goes off, the game is over and you move onto the next one. See which of these board games your family might enjoy.

6. Pedal and Picnic

Ride your bikes to a picnic spot and enjoy your goodies under the spring sky. Pack a Frisbee® and a ball to play with while you’re there. Make a special treat like homemade whoopee pies for a fun picnic surprise.

What are your favorite family spring activities?

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