6 Habits of Highly Bonded Couples

I love to cook. The other night I was making a dish that required an egg as a bonding agent. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any eggs, but after a quick search, I found a substitute. Adding flour, water, and oatmeal together created the bonding agent the recipe needed. The dish was delicious. It’s amazing what the right ingredients will do.

Adding the right ingredients to your marriage will result in some strong couple bonding. If your marriage is good, these 6 things can help you grow closer. If your marriage is so-so or even worse, they could help you give it a push in the right direction towards bonding time with your spouse. Here are 6 habits of highly bonded couples.

1. Are courteous and kind to each other

A little kindness goes a long way. Try to treat your husband like he’s a good friend. If you’re rude and snippy to your husband, why will he want to be nice to you?

2. Talk about issues before they get out of hand

In marriage, you have to choose your battles; but if you sense that irritation is becoming a major annoyance, you need to talk about it with your husband.

3. Believe in each other

If you think your husband is a loser, you’re going to treat him that way. Even if he has a track record of business failures or poor decisions, keep your opinion of those outcomes separate from who he is as a person.

4. Assume the best about each other

Look for the good things about your husband and assume the best in his actions and words. Instead of assuming that he has bad intentions, give him the benefit of the doubt before you jump to conclusions.

5. Live in a “we” world

Couples who are close use words that show they are set apart. Try to say, “Our bedroom, our house, our children, etc.” Think of you and your husband as a team.

6. Touch

It sounds corny, but hugs are healthy. So hug your husband when he comes home, instead of just giving him a quick peck on the cheek or lips. Touch his shoulder while he’s driving; hold hands while you pray at church or offer to rub his back.

Tell us! How have you bonded with your husband lately?