6 Great Romantic Holiday Dates

The holidays can be so romantic, really! What’s not to make your heart skip a beat when you’re up to your elbows in cookie dough and your husband is tangled up in Christmas lights? Sure, Christmas is for kids, but don’t let all of the sparkle, glitter and glow of the holidays pass you and your sweetheart by.

(And, even if some of these ideas might be a stretch, remember that studies show that a date night packs a lot more punch when it’s something that’s out of the ordinary for you and your husband.)

1. Feel the Chill.

You know how the old song goes, The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…  Take advantage of the chill to create some warmth of your own. Go for a walk and then curl up on the couch to warm up. And don’t turn your heater up too high, half the fun is feeling cold, so you and your hubby can snuggle under the blankets.

2. Scavenger Hunt.

Why leave all of the fun to the kids? Send your husband on a treasure hunt, with a nice prize at the end for all of his hard work. First, come up with clues that send him around the house, or even outside. One clue leads to the next.  At the end, be waiting with hot cider, his favorite treats, or a prize of your own creation…wink, wink.

3. Share the Shopping.

Do you do all of the shopping for your children’s Christmas gifts? Let your husband help. Grab some of the catalogs that come to your house and head out for coffee. Look over the books together and see what catches your husband’s eye. One mom we know did this, and the gifts her husband chose were the big hits on Christmas morning. Dads bring a different perspective to toys and games. They’re usually big kids at heart, so let them play!

4. Experience the Season.

Have you ever gone to the Nutcracker or the Messiah with your husband? Or, watched a live Nativity or Living Christmas Tree. Leave the kids at home, though. This is just for you two.

5. Have a Holiday Movie Night.

Put on a Christmas movie, make two cups of hot chocolate with marshmallows (and even a candy cane), and enjoy some time away from all the hussle and bussle.

6. Get Physical.

Is there snow outside? Go sledding. Have an ice rink nearby? Put on some skates. Other ways to get moving—visit a trampoline arena, play tennis, go bowling. If you’re already an athletic couple, try a new sport or something outside the norm like bocce ball, horseshoes or basketball.