6 Easy Date Ideas

Sometimes the biggest hurdle in having a date night is having enough energy to actually get ready and head out the door. Most of the time, once you’re over that hurdle and spending kid-free time with your husband, you actually have fun!

But before you can get to that point, you have to come up with an idea of what you can do. And coming up with something different is worth it – it’s actually been shown to rekindle that feeling you had when you first started dating your husband.

So shake up your date night with one of these 6 easy date night ideas.

1. Coffee TALK Date.

This isn’t just a coffee date, this is a coffee date with connection. First, go somewhere you’ve never been to before for coffee. It doesn’t have to be a fancy coffee place; if you’ve never had the coffee at Circle K, grab yourself a cup, find a place where you two can sit, and have fun with these Coffee TALK Conversation Starters. Try out the Q & U app for more date questions!

If you really want to get adventurous, have a coffee tasting. Hit every free sample spot you can (The Fresh Market and Trader Joes have free samples), and buy a cup to share at as many locations as you can.

2. Too Tired to Talk Date.

Okay, we know we just told you to talk on a date, but sometimes it’s okay to just be together and not say much at all. So plan ahead if you can to have the kids in bed on time or even early. Next, get into some really comfortable clothes. Order takeout, or better yet, have dinner delivered. Find the most comfortable place in the house where you can watch a movie or TV show.

Tell you’re husband the “theme” of this date is that you’re not expected to chat. The key is to relax.

3. Seasonal Dates.

There are things you can do in summer that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to do in winter. But you know what, wouldn’t it be interesting to do a summer activity in winter or a winter activity in summer?

Here are 9 Warm Weather Date Ideas and 5 Cool Weather Date Ideas.

4. Dream Date.

Not too long ago, my husband and I went through every room in our house and talked about our dream for each room. “Wouldn’t it be great to have a really comfortable couch here?” “And I would love to get a fun, patterned runner for the stairs.”

While most of our ideas will remain firmly in dreamland, it was fun to just dream aloud and hear what the other was thinking. Dreaming together brings couples closer.

So sit side by side and look through Pinterest or Trip Advisor for beautiful places you want to visit one day or talk about your dreams for your children or for your family.

5. Go on a First Date.

This may sound very corny at first, but it can be great. Reenact your first date. If you happen to live in the same town where you had your first date, go to the places you visited. If they’ve closed down (mine have), drive by where they used to be.

Still have that sweater you wore? Dig it out. Can you remember what you talked about? Talk about it again. Describe to each other how you felt that night and what you thought about each other. And if you can go on this date on the actual calendar day of your first date, even better!

6. Falling in Love Questions.

A study was done where couples asked each other these 36 questions and then stared into each other’s eyes for four minutes. The crazy part is that these questions are supposed to make you fall in love. Try it! It can’t hurt, right?

Please tell us! How do you keep date night fresh?

Dates should never be boring! Explore more ideas.

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