6 almost obligatory passages of the life of couple

If all relationships are different and unique, one thing is certain: married life is not a long, peaceful river! And it’s not all about love, the rainbow, scented candles, unicorns and pink hearts… The proof with these 6 almost obligatory passages in the life of a couple! But whatever you may think, know that if some of your habits seem strange to you, know that they are human and completely normal!

1 / Over time, your way of dressing will change…

… And not necessarily more classy like the “Red carpet ceremony in Cannes”! In fact, over time, you will inevitably become more and more comfortable with your partner. And fortunately! But inevitably it will feel a little on your wardrobe … Or at least, the way you dress at home. No more heels, chic little dresses, hello day pajamas, and a jogging/t-shirt combination!

2 / You will sometimes have a hard time being cuddly

If at the very beginning of the relationship, your antics are numerous, and with a frequency to make rabbits fade with envy, over time, it is another story very often! You find it more difficult to be in the mood, you and your partner, you also find it harder to feel sexy, or you will find it more difficult to go to seventh heaven … Which is completely normal, and catch up! And again, communication is the key!

3 / You will want to spend time away from your partner

The fusion phase is over! Which is again, a fair return to normalcy. Wanting to spend time alone for each other in his corner does not mean that you no longer love each other, nor that you no longer want to spend time together. It simply means that you do not want to spend 24 hours glued to each other. And you are right!

4 / You will want to do certain activities alone without your partner

Like the point above, you don’t have to do everything you want to do together! You need to flourish on your own apart from your relationship … And what could be better for this, than having each your own hobbies, your own passions, your own activities, your own hobbies? In addition, it is ideal for spending time with your respective friends in parallel.

5 / Even during your fusional phase, you will fight

And this is just the start of a long series! However, it can be quite impressive, disturbing, scary, especially at the start of a relationship. But be aware that your couple will not be doing badly, on the contrary, this will be the case if you flee from any conflict! So do not panic, your couple is stronger than a vulgar little fleeting argument!

6 / You can always find other attractive men/women

Even if you are still madly in love with each other in your relationship! Being in a couple does not mean being blind… And you have every right to find other attractive people without immediately having a host of ulterior motives! This does not mean that your partner does not suit or satisfy you anymore, no. So no excessive and inappropriate jealousy on the subject!

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