50 Ways to Lure Your Lover

We know that the singer Paul Simon knew at least 50 ways to leave your lover, but what if you’re desire is to reel him in a little closer? Light the fire again and have some fun?

Sometimes we forget how to flirt and keep marriage fun. If you’re looking to turn up the heat at home, here are 50 little ways to lure your lover:

  1. Wear a new fragrance.
  2. A long good-bye kiss.
  3. A long welcome home kiss.
  4. Show him a peek of something lacy.
  5. Give a knowing gaze across the table.
  6. A whispered promise to “See you a little later.”
  7. A good back rub.
  8. Holding hands.
  9. Making each other laugh out loud.
  10. A stolen kiss in an unexpected place.
  11. A killer pair of heels.
  12. A flirty text message.
  13. His favorite dinner.
  14. A fire in the fireplace and a blanket on the floor.
  15. A wink.
  16. A love note in his suitcase.
  17. A comment that lets him know you think he’s a hottie.
  18. Slow dance in the living room.
  19. Watching the game with him (stealing kisses during timeouts).
  20. A nighttime drive to nowhere in particular.
  21. Compliment his biceps/abs/etc.
  22. New lingerie at bedtime.
  23. Little sensual touches throughout the day.
  24. Talk about a time when your relationship was sizzling.
  25. Candles in the bedroom.
  26. Less TV, more soft music.
  27. An extra-feminine outfit that plays up your best features.
  28. Ask him about his day—and really listen.
  29. Develop a code phrase for “I want you NOW.”
  30. A message in lipstick (or dry erase marker) on his bathroom mirror.
  31. Grown-ups only movie night—in bed.
  32. Cuddling and stargazing in the backyard.
  33. Tickle him.
  34. On your way to bed, stop and catch his eye over your shoulder…move on slowly.
  35. Have him meet you at home for a lunch date while the kids are at school.
  36. Write him a letter about how awesome he is.
  37. Take a long walk…hold hands.
  38. Stop him to straighten his tie as he leaves; whisper that he needs to hurry back.
  39. Let him hear you telling the kids how you fell in love with him and why.
  40. Share dessert.
  41. Send the kids to Grandma’s and set the stage at home for romance.
  42. Wear the dress you know he loves.
  43. Throw out the honey-do list one weekend; the project is you…
  44. Compliment him in front of others.
  45. Kiss that spot that makes him crazy.
  46. Go to the movies…get a little “handsy” in the dark.
  47. Give him a private fashion show after a day of shopping.
  48. Squeeze his hand.
  49. Put on a little lip gloss and freshen up when you’re expecting him home.
  50. Tell him how proud you are to be his wife.

How do you lure your lover?

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