5 Ways to Make Sticking Marriage Out Joyful

1. Look at the positives. What’s so great about being married?  For one thing, you don’t have to venture into  the singles scene!  Really, sometimes you just have to look at the obvious benefits of being married.  The singles scene is not all it’s cracked up to be on TV and in movies, and dating offers none of the security of a committed relationship.

2. Give your husband his due. No, your husband may not be perfect, but no husband is!  It’s easy to see other couples out and about, or hang out with other couples socially, and start thinking that “her” husband or “that” husband is better than yours.  But, you never, and I mean never, know what goes on behind closed doors.

If your husband is mostly a good guy, be thankful for that and for the effort he does make.  And, if he has no serious faults like drinking too much, playing around, or being physically abusive, be thankful for the husband and father he is.  In other words, your husband is probably not the worst one around!

And, it can sound harsh, but I’ve heard other women say it, “You may think your husband isn’t that great, but there are plenty of other women out there who would take him, just as he is.”

3. It will get better. Most couples who stay together come out on the other side of their troubles glad they didn’t leave.  Research shows that difficult times can actually make a marriage stronger.  Plus, picture what your life will be like if you do separate.

4. Two parent homes are better for kids. In most cases, even if your marriage is not perfect, an intact family – father and mother in the same home – is the best place for children to be raised.  It’s also a matter of practicality – if you divorce, your children will be shuttling between two homes, and might even live far away from their father.  That’s a lot of stress on a child.

5. Failure rate of second marriages. The second, or even the third time is not the charm.  The failure rate for second marriages is 67 percent; for third marriages it jumps to 74 percent.

In just about every marriage, there are days when somebody would love to walk out the door and not come back.  But, even if your marriage is trying, hang in there.  Even if your husband won’t change, you can work on your marriage.   

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