5 Ways to Let your Husband Shine

1. Turn on the light.  Once you figure out where your husband shines, set the stage for him to positively glow!  If he’s good at fixing things, give him the chance to be the fixer-upper before you step in or hire someone to do it.  If he loves wrestling with kids, make sure there’s plenty of open space.

2. Shine the spotlight on him.  What’s the good of shining, if no one’s there to see it?  So, when you see your husband doing something he excels at, point it out to your kids.  “Guys, look at the way Dad flipped that pancake.  Did you see Dad make that basket?”  Encourage your children to see the good in their Dad.

3. Don’t dim his light. Criticism or sarcasm is the fastest way to extinguish your husband’s light.  If he doesn’t do something perfectly, resist the urge to point out what’s wrong.  You can also dim his light by ignoring him, taking him for granted or letting yourself stay bitter at him.

4. Words are a light source.  Yes, your words can be a source of energy for your husband, or they can plunge him into darkness.  It sounds dramatic, but it’s true.  If you bad mouth your husband around your kids, they will see your husband as a useless bulb instead of a source of light in your home.  It will also shape your children’s view of what marriage should be.

5. You can bask in his light.  Don’t think because your husband shines you’ll be in his shadow.  Just the opposite.  The brighter he shines, the warmer you’ll be.  So encourage the traits and habits that are positive in your husband.  If he believes he’s a good man he’s more likely to act like a good man.  If he feels like he’s pleasing you, he’s more likely to try even harder to make you happy.