5 Ways to Laugh More in Marriage

My husband laughs very easily…at commercials. When we were dating, I thought it was the funniest thing. He would crack up at the silliest ads on TV. But he doesn’t laugh as often as the average four-year-old – they have a laugh 300 times a day! On the other hand, the average 40-year-old laughs just 4 times a day.

So try to get your laugh number up because, in marriage, a little laughter—even laughing at commercials—goes a long way. How can you do that? First, if you’re not a naturally light-hearted person, be intentional about trying to add humor to your day. If you hear something funny, share it with your husband. If the kids do something cute, make sure to tell them. Watch a comedy TV show or a movie together. It’s also like taking a mini-vacation from the stresses of daily life – and what marriage can’t use that?

1. Watch funny shows, videos, or movies together.

Dramas are great. Dramas are gripping, but comedies really can lighten your mood and your marriage. So mix in a sitcom here and there. Watch funny videos together. Go see funny movies at the theater. And while you’re together, let yourself laugh. Don’t hold back. If you find something even mildly humorous, let it out! It’s contagious.

2. Laugh at yourself.  

Be a good sport in your marriage. If you make a word stumble or a physical stumble, be willing to make light of it. Let your husband laugh at you without getting defensive.

3. Be silly on purpose.

Look for opportunities for humor. Dance like a crazy woman while you’re making dinner. Tickle your husband. Lighten up.

4. Do some practical jokes. 

Try some today!  

5. Laugh at him.

Most men love to make their wives laugh. So even if he’s being corny, or you’ve heard that joke before… laugh! Another way to laugh more at your husband is to make sure you’re not harboring any resentment or bitterness toward him. If you feel like rolling your eyes at him, or you’re secretly thinking how annoying he is when he tries to make you laugh, you probably need a bitterectomy before you can return to full humor health.

Tell us! What have you done this week to make your husband laugh?

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