5 Ways to Have a Royal Wedding with Your Kids

Want to show your kids how much your marriage means to you? Make it fun with these 5 ideas.

1. Back in Time.

Have your husband propose again or ask him to tell the story of how he decided to marry you; how he chose your ring; and how he popped the question.

2. Family Wedding.

The simple way is to have just you, your husband and your kids involved. Let your son be the best man and your daughter be your bridesmaid. Find a copy of your wedding vows and re-enact the ceremony, or lip-sync to your vows on video. If you want to get more elaborate, invite other family members to attend the renewal of your vows.

3. Wedding Video.

All it takes is for a few years to pass before your wedding video looks really dated. But that makes it fun, and will likely be funny to your kids too. Hit play and let them watch how it all began. You can also bring out your wedding album. Turn those pages and go back in time with your kids. Tell them about each shot and how you felt on the big day.

4. Wedding dress.

If you can’t fit into it, at least get it out and show it to your kids. Better yet, let your daughters try it on. Even if you have your dress in storage, isn’t it worth it to actually take it out every once in a while and enjoy it? Plus, preservation techniques have gotten even better, so it might actually help your dress last longer if you let it breathe.

5. The Reception.

Have a wedding reception to celebrate! Serve some sparkling grape juice. Make or buy a wedding cake. It doesn’t have to be a huge, three-tiered masterpiece. Get a small one that looks “wedding-ish.” If you’re brave, do the old “feed each other a piece of cake” tradition.

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