5 Ways to Bloom Where You’re Planted in Marriage

About two years ago, the kids and I were eating tangerines. Why do I remember that? Well, after we finished, we took the seeds and threw them in a planter I had sitting on the porch outside. Flash forward to today and we have two tangerine trees growing! Granted, they’re only about two feet tall, but those little plants have grown without me doing one thing to them – no fertilizer, no watering, nothing!  They’ve just done the old, bloom where you’re planted!

That philosophy applies to marriage, too. Sure it’s nice to be tended to and taken care of by our husbands, but even when we’re not getting the attention and support we want, we can still grow. It’s not always easy, but there are 5 Ways to Bloom Where You’re Planted in Marriage that can actually make your marriage better.

1. The Grass Isn’t Really Greener.

Okay, you know those marriages you look at and think, Why not me? Well, stop! Just kidding, but not really. When you look at that grass and think it’s greener, you’re not seeing the full picture. You’re only seeing the outside of the marriage. None of us really know what goes on inside. When you envy other marriages, you’re taking your eye off of your own marriage, which leads us to our next point…

2. Tend Your Garden.

If you spend all of your time brooding over what’s bad in your marriage, you’ll waste time you could be spending improving your marriage. So fertilize your marriage – read marriage books, get counseling (if your husband won’t go, go alone), find a marriage mentor. Water your marriage – do fun things with your husband, think the best of him, commit yourself to your marriage.

3. Remember Your Seedlings.

It’s a fact; children do best in a home with a mom and a dad. Sure there are situations when marriages dissolve but staying together when possible will benefit your kids. Divorce is very difficult for children.  When you need a reason to bloom where you’re planted, think about that.

4. Grow Toward the Sun.

Plants naturally grow toward the sun. You can actually see them leaning toward the sun’s location. They know that they need that outside source to grow and thrive. So, in your own life, reach for the sun. Get encouragement at church or from trusted friends who have good marriages you can emulate.

5. Put Down Roots.

Make a commitment to bloom where you’re planted. Decide to put down roots that go very deep so that you won’t be easily uprooted from your marriage. Believe me, many of us who think we have tough marriages have no idea what other women are going through. Appreciate what you do have and commit to growing as a person, and in your marriage.