5 Romantic Ways to Spend a Fall Night

Here in Florida, where iMOM is based, crisp fall days where you actually need a sweater or jacket are few and far between. So when that temperature dips even a bit, people get a little more pep in their step since they’re not fading under the weight of 90-degree heat and 100 percent humidity! So for you, warm weather iMOMs, take advantage of the more refreshing temps to energize your marriage. And if you live where fall really does mean cozy turtlenecks and the changing of the leaves, take advantage of the falling temps to move a little closer to your husband. 

Rekindle the flame with your husband with these 5 romantic ways to spend a fall night.

1. Go for a walk in the moonlight

Grab a sweater, your husband’s hand, and head outside. Enjoy the cool night air and look at the sky. Take it slow and relish your time together. If you can’t get away because you can’t leave the kids alone in bed, just sit outside with a cup of hot chocolate or apple cider and snuggle.

2. Picnic under the stars

Take your outdoor time one step farther. Find a quiet spot by a lake or at the beach. Bring some candles and romantic music. Pack a picnic meal of food you both love and eat it leisurely.

3. Take in a fall sport

Watch it or play it. Go to a football game or a volleyball game. It doesn’t have to be a professional team. Head to your nearest high school or watch a college team. If you’re the athletic type (and if you’re not, just try!), hit the field yourself.

4. Fondue-it

Some foods are just more romantic than others. Make a reservation at a fondue restaurant or have your own fondue party-for-two at home. You can make an entire meal out of fondue: Start with bread cubes dipped in cheese. Follow it with fruits and marshmallows dipped in chocolate. If you don’t want to cook your own meat by dipping it in oil, buy a prepared chicken or another dish for your entrée.

5. Cuddle on the couch

When we say cuddle, we mean cuddle. Let the cool air fill your family room so you can warm each other up. Watch a movie or watch the fire in the fireplace. Eat a snack together and keep cozy.

Tell us! What’s your favorite way to stir up some romance when the weather turns cool?

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