5 Ideas for Teens on New Year’s Eve

They’re too old to want to hang out with the little kids, and too young to safely go out on their own on New Year’s Eve.  So keep your teenagers close by with these 5 fun ideas for making your home the place to be on New Year’s Eve.

1. Food First

Teenagers like to eat.  On New Year’s Eve, you can add some flair to the usual teenage appetites with a sundae bar, a make your own pizza or taco buffet and sparkling fruit juices to toast the New Year.  Before the guests arrive, whip up some popcorn balls or popcorn smores.  You can also have a beverage sampler with different kinds of coffees.

2. Game On

Set up a rotation schedule for different game stations.  Include video games, outdoor games like HORSE or horseshoes, card games including War, board games, and a scavenger hunt.  Rotate stations every 30 minutes.

3. Party On

Have supplies on hand to make ringing in the New Year exciting.  Get noisemakers, confetti, and funny hats for the kids to wear.

4. Show Time

Let the teens put on a low-tech or a high-tech show.  For the low-tech option, have them do a play or a talent show.  For the higher-tech approach, let them put together a video to show at midnight.

5. More Food

After the New Year arrives, shift the food focus to a New Year’s breakfast.  Whip up some pancakes or a hearty breakfast casserole in advance.  You can even cook some bacon ahead of time, refrigerate it, and reheat in the microwave when it’s time to dig in.