5 Fun Ways to Show Your Kids Some Love

1. Whack ‘Em with Water

When your kids come home from school be ready to whack ’em with a water war. Be waiting with water balloons, water guns or the hose.

2. Post-It

Everywhere. Write love notes on a pack of post-it notes and put them everywhere for weeks. Stick one on their back, in their lunch, on the bathroom mirror, on their shoes.

3. Collection Infestation

Does your child collect anything small? Soldiers? Marbles? Rocks? Take their goodies or get some new ones and plant them everywhere in their room…in their socks, pockets, pillowcase, books, drawers – you get the idea. Hide dozens and they will have a good laugh when they randomly find one months later.

4. Deliver a Dream Day

Give them a day to fulfill a fantasy. Something they always want to do with you. Do it without distraction and give them the whole day. For some, this may mean 15 minutes of every kind of sport known to man, for others, it’s an all-day paint, glue, clay marathon. Whatever they want to do you follow through!

5. Skip School

I will get in trouble for this, but they love it. Do this only if your kids are good students and you have the time to make it a special day with mommy. Pick a day when you know they don’t have any tests and plan an outing. Surprise them in the morning. Don’t tell them beforehand because they won’t do their homework.

What ideas would you add?

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