5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day

Grandparents’ Day is a relatively new national holiday (President Jimmy Carter declared it so in 1978) but is an important tool for fostering the grandparent-grandchild relationship. And don’t feel limited to honoring your own relatives—you can show appreciation for other grandparents whose family lives far away! Check out these 5 fun Grandparents’ day activities.

1. Have a sleepover.

Grandparents’ Day eve is a great time to let grandparents and grandchildren enjoy an over-night together— either at their house or yours! Pop some popcorn and rent a movie, or break out the board games. A large age difference can be bridged over a game of checkers.

2. Let the kids create some original art for the grandparents in their lives.

It will no doubt find a place of honor on the wall and will be a treat for the kids when they get to visit. You can also make your own Grandparents’ Day cards.

3. Start a regular Grandparents’ Day tradition.

Make a trip to the ice cream shop or out to the pond with a couple of fishing poles. No matter how simple, if you make it your regular, special activity together, it will grow in meaning to grandparents and grandchildren alike.

4. Let the kids do a little time travel by interviewing their grandparents using this tool.

They’ll likely be amazed by how different life was when the “greatest generation” was children!

5. Create Brag books!

These days, pictures are usually saved on your hard drive. This can make sharing photos with grandparents difficult, especially if they don’t know or don’t care to learn how to use the latest technology. Make it easy for them to enjoy all of these great, captured memories by printing the images you have saved. Then take it a step further, and organize the pictures into a Brag book or photo album.