5 experiences that all couples should encounter together to strengthen their relationship

Routine, as we have already seen, is healthy in a couple. Besides, I do not see how a couple together for more than ten years can not know the routine. But it is also necessary to know how to sometimes escape from it in order to be able to keep alive the love passion. Even if it is once a month, even once every two months. It is important.

5 experiences that all couples should live together to strengthen their relationship

In other articles, I offer couple games to do as a coupleideas for a romantic evening at home or even unusual weekends to do as a couple! All of this helps break this routine. But we will see that there are certain experiences to live as a couple to further strengthen the relationship!

1 / Make a big purchase for two

Whether it’s a sofa, your first couple car, a TV, a house, or whatever, making a major purchase is an experience to get you closer.

This purchase will allow you to learn more about each other. Buy something important together to grow the relationship.

And it’s always a great moment, a bit like going to Ikea together and projecting yourself. Here, I would love to have this dresser. Ah, me rather this one … You will see that your tastes diverge, you will have to find common ground and it is not always easy. But that clearly changes the relationship.

Likewise financially: will you do half and half? Or proportionally according to each person’s salary? You are going to learn a lot about your relationship that you thought you knew by heart.

2 / Have a big evening… For two

We are used to having big parties with friends, going out in clubs for 5 or 10 and dancing all night. But have you ever had this same romantic experience?

Prepare cocktails, make silly games, make the world go round in a bar, then go to a nightclub to dance the night away. It is a great experience to have as a couple. Especially after long years of relationship. We rediscover the passion of the beginnings, we made ourselves beautiful, we are seduced again.

And when you come back, the desire has never been stronger!

3 / Take a road trip of at least two weeks

Club holidays where you don’t leave the hotel for a week are fun. But to experience a real discovery together is something you will never forget!

A study has proven it: Couples who often go on vacation together would be happier!

So go explore the world together. Like us, go on a road trip to ColombiaSicilyBali, or anywhere!

Preparing a trip takes time: book the flight, plan the route, book the hotels … This may cause some disputes but it is worth it to do it together. It is important that BOTH partners are involved in the preparation of this trip. Let the two bring their desires and their ideas.

4 / Make plans from a financial point of view

Although we don’t often like to talk about it, money is an important issue in relationships. It remains one of the most frequent couples fights!

See who spends what and how, how to save, who pays what, why? If one earns two or three times more than the other, how is it going?

set how you want to manage your money: should make a joint account? For what reasons? One pays the rent, the other the shopping, and the expenses? Everyone pays up to their income… Take the time to learn how to manage your money in pairs so as to avoid serious conflicts that could have arisen.

5 / Presentation to parents and friends

This may seem trivial to you because it is something that we do by instinct … Most of the time.

And yet, some people find it very difficult to pass this stage, especially for the first meeting with the in-laws. Some people postpone this moment because it is for them a real proof of commitment and it can be scary.

However, until you pass this milestone, one of you will feel frustrated. It is not always the easiest experience, but it is one of the most important!