5 conversation points couples should have every day

Beyond the famous “Did you have a good day?” which never gives way to a highly developed answer, there is a multitude of things that you can (should even) discuss as a couple every day.

To reconnect with your partner when you get home from work, there are other topics of conversation than the famous and routine question: ” So, did you have a good day ?”.

Jane Greer, a couple’s therapist and s ex therapist based in New York, explains to the Womenhealth site the importance of focusing on the energy level and the mood of her partner when he or she comes home. “Your partner will really appreciate this, and it will help you feel more intimate, communicate better and connect emotionally.” Here are just a few things you can talk about during the evening to stay close, even after years in a relationship.

1- Your projects and objectives

Where are you at work or in your personal life? Are you dreaming of a new job, an increase, or going into business for yourself? And personally, what are your goals? Going to the gym more regularly, growing a vegetable patch on your balcony, going on weekends, adopting a cat, having a child? By regularly interacting with half of your big and small aspirations, you will be able to achieve them more easily and strengthen the bond that unites you. Besides, it’s always better to draw projects together. And what about him, what are his short and medium-term objectives and projects?

2- Your difficulties

Talking about nice things is good. But get rid of what is bothering us too. Whether it is a problem experienced at work, with a friend, or even with her, you will better resolve it. And ask him to do the same. Joining forces will make you both stronger.

3- Your state of health

Without playing hypochondriacs, telling your spouse that you have been suffering from insomnia or back pain lately is part of normal dialogues within a couple. And then, who knows, you may inherit a good relaxing massage as a bonus …

4- Good memories

“Do you remember when …” is a magic phrase, adored by all lovers. It revives happy moments, says psychologist Tina Tessina, and is an excellent start for a romantic conversation. “Remembering your strong history together is one way to increase the bond that unites you.”

5- Why you feel grateful

What do you like most about him? What did he do this week, this month for which you would like to thank him? Practicing gratitude can allow you to grow as an individual and strengthen your relationship. And compliments, it’s also good to deliver … as to receive.