4 Ways to Put Aloe on Your Marriage

Have you ever had a sunburn?  Ouch!  Just last week a cashier at the grocery store told me how she fell asleep in a tanning bed and got one.  (Of course, I lectured her on the dangers of tanning beds!)  Well, aloe is a natural remedy for sunburns.  It soothes and takes out some of the sting.  Our marriages could use a little aloe now and then, couldn’t they?  Just little things here and there to soothe and remove the hurt.

1. Take the sting out of disappointment.  When your husband is down—job troubles, money troubles, health troubles—slather on the aloe of supportive listening.  Don’t try to offer platitudes, just listen and empathize with him.

2. Layer it on with love.  What says love to your husband?  Is it always physical—food or sex—or is it doing nice things for him that save him time and effort?  Figure out his love language and use it as the aloe of love. 

3. Use it liberally.  A little aloe is good, but a lot is better.  Same with showing kindness in our marriage.  Don’t be stingy with it.  Don’t keep score. This guy is your partner, your right hand, you’re one with him.  So go all out to make his life a pleasant one.  If you do, hopefully he’ll use that aloe with you too.

4. Take your time.  Our lives get so busy that our husbands often get pushed to the back of the line.  Well, ladies, tell him to come right up front!  How can you get that aloe on him if you’re never with him, or if his needs always come last?  Show him love with your time. 

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