4 Things that Will Make This the Best Easter Ever

I love all holidays, but I have to say, Easter is my favorite. It’s the time of year where the world starts to have color again. When spring rolls in with warm weather and blooming flowers, it is a great reminder of the story of Easter and new life. It’s a great time to spend with your kids, teaching them the true meaning of Easter and creating new traditions to add to your Easter celebration.

So before Peter Cottontail comes hopping down the bunny trail, we have some Easter games and Easter crafts that will keep your kids excited about this wonderful holiday and make it the best Easter ever.

1. First, our favorite… our Easter Story Hunt Game printable.

Yes, it’s an Easter egg hunt, but it’s also a way for your children to learn more about the true story of Easter. So, download the printable for your Easter Story Hunt.

2. Decoupage Easter Eggs.

Imagine the fun you can have and the endless possibilities… cut out photos from magazines or photos of your family, and decoupage them onto boiled eggs. Don’t have decoupage? Just use a glue stick!

3. Tissue Paper Easter Eggs.

This is an oldie but goodie. Cut tissue paper into small shapes about the size of a dime. Pour some liquid glue into a small bowl and thin it with some water. Brush glue over your egg. Press the tissue paper over the glue. Simple, but so pretty!

4. The Truth behind Easter Traditions.

A guide to Easter traditions that answers the whys behind bunnies, eggs, and lambs.

Tell us! What’s the best part about Easter at your house?

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