4 Fun Basketball Challenges

The basketball is one of three great inventions created in the month of June. So join your kids and try these 4 fun basketball challenges and then check out how to celebrate the other two great summer inventions—Hula Hoop Trivia quiz and a baked donut hole recipe!

1. 2-hand bounce.

See how long you can bounce the ball from one hand to the other
Now…try it with your eyes closed

2. Back and forth bounce.

See how many times you can bounce the ball to each other (this works for 2 or more players)

3. Red light green light.

(You’ll need a ball for every child)
When you say “green light” the children dribble the ball while walking. “Red light” means to dribble in place. “Yellow light” means dribble while walking backwards.

4. Letter bounce.

Bounce the ball from one player to the next. Each time a player bounces the ball he has to say a word that starts with a letter chosen by the group prior to starting.