30 things you shouldn’t do if your relationship was healthy

How healthy is yours?

It can be difficult to accept the fact that we have found someone who can and wants to treat us as we deserve. You should always expect the best.

Healthy and fulfilling relationships are hard to find, but once you are successful, you have to hang on to it as best you can. Finding someone who is both our best friend and our partner is magic.

Love requires effort, a dialogue based on honesty and dedication. A truly healthy relationship will evolve and adapt to the challenges that everyone will face in their life. Solid love is love you have to fight for.

Just remember these 30 things that shouldn’t happen in a healthy relationship. And if they appear in yours, watch out!

1. Skip the kisses.

No, you should be kissing every day.

2. Constantly make remarks to each other about small details.

Choose your fights instead.

3. Go to bed angry.

4. Forgetting to reply to messages from your partner.

5. Be mean or aggressive for no reason.

6. Talk to a shrink rather than his partner.

7. Be ultra critical.

8. Forget your friends.

9. Refuse to accept each other’s differences.

10. Take the other for granted.

11. Stop holding hands.

12. Refuse to be vulnerable.

13. Stop making love wildly and with passion.

14. Always put yourself first.

15. Having doubts about his feelings and those of his partner.

16. Say “I love you” when you don’t think so.

17. Set expectations that are too high.

18. Keep your emotions for yourself instead of sharing them.

19. Exaggerate your feelings for the other.

20. Forget about making enough coffee for two in the morning.

21. Neglecting to share your vision of the future together.

22. Forgetting to probe your feelings and the state of your relationship.

23. Stop evolving in pairs.

24. Do not adapt to the lifestyle of the other.

25. Talking about your partner to your friends rather than this one.

26. Become too plan-plan and stop living adventures for two.

27. Expecting too much from your partner.

28. Forget that love is a challenge that requires daily work.

29. Never reminding your partner that it is magic is wonderful.

30. Stop pampering and (when necessary) fighting for each other and for the life you have built together.

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