3 Ways to Turn Your Husband On

Whether you’ve been married a few years or a few decades, you likely know what it feels like to fall into a predictable sexual routine. You want to find creative ways to turn your husband on, but you’re just not sure what to try. The sexual repertoire the two of you share is like muscle memory and romance memory all tied into one, leaving you with a sexual connection that is okay – but never quite the exhilaration you know is possible. Sexual familiarity has its place, but there is also value in finding out how to turn your husband on.

Imagine how excited your husband will be to know that you’re thinking about him and wanting your physical relationship to grow. You’ll be up for wife of the year. Here are three ideas:

1. Build anticipation.

If you want to turn your husband on, it’s good to start long before sex. As his wife, your words are powerful. Take the time to write him a sensual note and place it in his lunchbox, laptop bag, backpack, or car.

Your note can be as simple as, “I want to make love to you tonight,” or, “I’m feeling the need to get crazy beneath the sheets with you. Let’s put the kids to bed early!”  You know your husband’s personality best. Play upon what you think he will find exciting.

And don’t underestimate the power of your touch to turn your husband on and build anticipation.

Before he walks out the door in the morning, run your fingers gently across his back, waist or neck, give him a big hug, kiss him and say, “Maybe later we could…”   Before finishing your sentence, stop, smile and say, “Well, I’m sure we can think of something.”

Consider a few playful texts throughout the day to further turn your husband on (Be careful with this one! If he has a company-issued cell or if you have a tendency to send texts to the wrong person, you might want to opt for another strategy.).

Planning a fun date also builds sexual anticipation. You will fuel passion by pouring into your friendship, making the sexual connection later on even more intense.

2. Take your time.

When you do get behind the bedroom door, take your time. This builds on the anticipation you created throughout the day.

Turn your husband on by lighting a few candles and inviting him to watch you undress. Help him undress and then make the most of foreplay. Wives can easily assume a husband is interested only in the sexual act itself, but many husbands will admit that foreplay is incredibly arousing.

Use your hands, fingernails, body, and lips to explore his body. Turn your husband on by occasionally making the sexual experience all about him, letting him revel in the beauty of your body and your relationship.

3. Change positions.

If you’re like many married couples, you rely upon one–maybe two–positions when you make love. You can turn your husband on simply by changing sexual positions.

If you always have sex in the missionary position, consider asking him to lie on his back so you can be on top. A slight variation of this is to have him lean against the wall or headboard with pillows propped behind him as you are on top of him. With a little trial and error, together you can find other positions that the two of you find irresistible.

Within the exclusivity of marriage, a husband and a wife should never stop nurturing their sexual connection or having fun. Finding amusing ways to turn your husband on strengthens your marriage.

What was once the biggest roadblock in your relationship and how have you overcome it?

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