3 Ways to Love Well at Christmas for Kids

Most children get really excited during the holidays. The anticipation, the festivities, and (yes!) the presents, make it their favorite time of year. But as much as I want my own children to bask in that childlike wonder at Christmas, I also want them to know that it is a holiday based on the ultimate Love.

So I try to come up with ways to let them love too. I want to give them opportunities to love well.

1. Christmas Giving Plan.

Sit with your children as they use this cute Christmas Giving printable that has cut-out ornaments where they can write they names of who they will give gifts to: gifts to serve, gifts to make, and gifts to buy. This will help them with hands-on training for the meaning behind the words, “It is better to give than to receive.”

2. The Story of Christmas.

Teaching my children to love well at Christmas starts with the Christmas Story. {Tweet ThisThis printable will take your children on a journey back in time to the first Christmas, which was all about love.

3. Christmas Gift Tags.

These really cute gift tags say “Christmas Love for You.” Attach them to handmade gifts your children make for others.

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