3 Unexpected Advantages of Sex in Marriage

You’re standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, and the magazine covers seem to scream that all the great sex is happening outside of marriage. Flip on the TV, and you get much of the same, where comedians and sitcoms reduce married sex to nothing more than a punch line. Media and society want you to believe that once you’re married, sex is always boring and infrequent.

But contrary to those portrayals, the best sex truly is reserved for marriage – if a couple is willing to embrace the advantages it offers. Here are three unexpected advantages of sex in marriage that you need to discover.

1. Sex Better Equips You to do Life Together.

When we recite our marriage vows, who among us can truly know what we’ve embarked upon?  Yes, marriage is abundant in countless ways, but doing life with another person has its fair share of challenges too. We are called daily to find common ground on everything from high utility bills to squabbling youngsters to rogue calendars to cluttered garages.

So what’s sex have to do with all that?  Quite a bit, actually.

Married couples who intentionally pursue and enjoy sex discover that oneness beneath the sheets lends itself well to oneness outside the bedroom.

Nurtured sexual intimacy softens a wife and husband toward each other and reminds each that they are in the journey together.  Do you recall those early days of your marriage, when you were reeling from the thrill of choosing to do life together? Sex is a vital pathway to the togetherness you envisioned.

2. Sex Relieves Stress.

On the surface, this looks like a mere dovetail from the first point, but it can stand all on its own. On any given day, you juggle a barrage of details, right?  It doesn’t take long before your well-being seems to drop not just to the bottom of the list, but right off of it!

Do you downplay your own sexual pleasure, thinking your husband’s sexual fulfillment matters more?  The truth is that sexual fulfillment is vital for both of you. Communication is key to both partners having good sex.

Sexual pleasure and tender physical contact with the man you married is a tremendous stress reliever. {Tweet This} When you and your husband make love, all kinds of amazing things happen in your body, like the release of endorphins and oxytocin (often referred to as the “feel good” hormone).

Plus, when you nurture sexual intimacy, you’ll sleep better. With all the stress in your life, why not find a few creative ways to start lowering it tonight?

3. Sex Helps You Model a Healthy Relationship for Your Kids.

Whether you have toddlers under foot, young teens navigating adolescence or older kids eyeing adulthood, they are learning about marriage from watching you and your husband.

No, your children are not privy to the details of what happens sexually in your bed. It’s healthy, though, for those kiddos, no matter their age, to see that mom and dad are authentically affectionate.

Nurtured sexual intimacy spills over into appropriate public display of affection, full of compassion others can’t help but spot. Sex is a good reminder to those around you, including your children, that a healthy marriage is the core of your home.

Isn’t this refreshing, considering all that tries to sabotage marriage?

The exclusivity of marriage offers you and your lover a secure sexual playground. Are you both thoroughly enjoying that playground?  If so, you are reaping countless advantages, some of them quite unexpected. If you are having trouble finding time for sex, here is 4 ways to make sex happen in the chaos.

What are some other advantages to sex in your marriage?

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