3 tips to make your love at first sight last

You’ve probably already had a beating heart for a man. You know, the sweaty hands, the eyes that shine, the stammering when he deigns to speak to you …

Luckily, your attraction seems mutual. You have a crush, you know, and you hope that this magic moment lasts as long as possible.

And this is where you wonder how to perpetuate your love, at first sight, to transform the essay into a passionate romantic relationship.

1. Stay realistic to make your love at first sight last

The feeling that invades you is intense and you are caught in a whirlwind of romantic feelings. Everything is beautiful, everything is fine, life is beautiful.

And yet, it is at this precise moment that you must not lower your guard. Your critical mind flies away, you no longer reason with your head but with your heart.

Passion is good, but if you don’t control it, you risk much disappointment.

Do not idealize anymore! No, this man is not perfection embodied. At least not until he has demonstrated it to you.

You have to test it to find out if your love at first sight really has a place. Take a step back and objectively analyze its true qualities in several situations.

Once you have more or less identified his personality and targeted your common expectations, you will always know how to please. Your relationship can then finally start on a good foundation.

2. Enjoy every moment

Finally, there you are, your relationship has just started and it is going great. You are fulfilled and happy. You may already be thinking about making plans for the future with him. And this is where you have to be careful not to rush.

Taking an apartment together, getting married, having children … All this is synonymous with stability and durability. These are projects that are created once your love is no longer in question.

Have you ever lived with this man enough to be sure that he will be able to handle the type of responsibilities involved in such commitments? You must first make sure that he and you are completely on the same page.

This is why, it is better, at first, limit yourself to small projects and savor them every moment. Making pleasure last is very important in a relationship.

The magic of love is to discover each other little by little. Your first plan could be to go on vacation together. You will see how you get along on a daily basis.

Or better, test the road trip. Taking up a challenge and testing your bond in a form of adversity is what will solidify your relationship.

Conversely, it can break it but it is better to realize a love incompatibility during a trip rather than after a move in or a too hasty marriage.

Also, having original activities together will make you unique in their eyes. And since it will be unlikely to relive this type of moment twice, it will associate the excitement of its new experiences with you.

New pleasures to introduce regularly in your relationship will help you keep the flame alive.

Also, always stay positive and happy, it’s communicative. You are experiencing something wonderful so enjoy it. Do not burden yourself with unnecessary problems and arguments.

If your relationship were to lose its intensity, you will tell yourself that you will have done everything to enjoy this fleeting pleasure. You will have no regrets.

For example, never associate your moments spent together with your respective exes. Exs are a taboo subject synonymous with unhealthy competition. You cannot objectively compare your relationship to another without knowing all the subtleties of it.

However, it is impossible to have control over this type of information. This is for the simple and good reason that one cannot grasp the total complexity of a relationship without having experienced it yourself.

Talking about your exes is creating problems where there aren’t any. The past only looks at the past.

3. Don’t change

When you have a crush, you tend to cut yourself off from the rest of the world. Dedicating yourself to one person can be dangerous even in the short term.

A feeling of weariness will then develop because you will have lived in excess. Do not suddenly change your pace of life for your new conquest. The man you covet must know that you are not available to him.

Continue to see your friends and let him see his friends on his side. It is not useful to tell you everything, preserve the mystery a little. This is where he will ask questions like “what is she doing?” “, ” Where is she ? and with who ? “.

There is nothing like a situation where the other person does not control you to push him to make efforts. So don’t ask yourself too many questions like “do I really like him?” “.

The answer will come of itself. Show that you trust yourself and him. It will only stay if you really caught your eye. You will have your answer at the sight of his perseverance. Attitudes are much more difficult to counterfeit than words.

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