3 Steps to Joy this Christmas

It’s a mother’s nightmare during the holidays: your child opens a gift from sweet Aunt Margie and says, while making a very disgusted face, “I don’t like this.”  Great.  Now your child looks like a spoiled brat and you look like a bad mom.

To prevent this charming scene, remember that children are not used to hiding their feelings or censoring they’re thoughts. So use iMOM’s 3 step’s to joy to coach your child into having a thankful attitude, even when they don’t like what they get.

1. J is for, Just Smile

Your child doesn’t have to jump for joy, but they do need to at least look like they’re not miserable or about to cry.

2. O is for, Offer Thanks

3. Y is for, Your gift came with love

On your way to a gift-opening stop, go over JOY with your kids to prepare them to be gracious.