3 Fun Halloween Games

If you want to mix in a little game playing with your trick or treating, we have three fun and easy games kids of all ages will enjoy.

1. Halloween Bingo.

It’s a spooky twist on an all-time game favorite. Have the kids yell “trick or treat!” or “boo!” when they get bingo.

2. Candy Corn Guess How Many. 

They’re sweet to eat, yes, but they’re also fun to count! Fill up a jar with a bag or two of candy corn and let the kids guess how many there are. You’ll have to do the pre-counting, but you’ll get to watch the fun too!

3. Pumpkin bowling.

It doesn’t get much easier than this! Grab a few rolls of toilet paper— those will be your pins, and one pumpkin of any size. The rest is just a little bit of Halloween embellishment!


What is your favorite Halloween game?

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