3 Cool Crafts for Family Fun

Family night is a great way to spend time together and do something besides the usual homework, dinner and bedtime routine. Making something together can provide lots of laughs and let you enjoy a front-row seat to your child’s creative side. So pull out the craft supply box and let the fun begin!

1. Sock Drama.

You know those sad, mate-less socks at the bottom of the drawer? Give them a new lease on life by turning them into funny sock puppets! You can keep it super-simple by just drawing on the features with a marker, or get a little more creative with fabric glue and googly eyes, colorful felt or faux fur. Once the cast is assembled, you can create a “stage” with a piece of poster board in which you’ve cut an opening in the middle. Set up your sock theatre and let your little thespians (and their alter-egos) ham it up! You might even feel compelled to pop a little popcorn for the big show.

2. Fashion Flip-flops.

Every kid needs at least one pair of flip-flops for summer for the beach or pool. Let them create one-of-a-kind designer shoes by decorating an inexpensive pair. Just buy a couple of bags of beads, pom-poms or gems (boys might prefer something like LEGOs™ or small plastic animals) and hot glue them to the top straps. Suddenly your bargain-bin pool shoes are sparkly and fun!

3. Pot People.

Kids love to watch things grow. Make it even more fun by painting fun faces on small terracotta pots. You can even find the little pot “feet” in the garden center and paint those as well to give your pot person a bit more interest. Be sure to spray the pots inside and out with an acrylic sealer to act as a moisture barrier before applying the paint, and then again over your dried designs to protect the paint from the elements. After everything has thoroughly dried for a couple of days, plant their favorite flowers (we love gerbera daisies!) and let your funny pot people do their thing on the patio this spring!