27 little-known (but cute) things we do when we fall for someone

Having a crush on someone makes us happy, gives us a reason to get up in the morning. And in the same way, we often transform into being untied from logic and rationality. The charm of Jean-Bernard made us lose our heads, in the first sense of the term.

So it sometimes feels a bit ridiculous to put yourself in such a state for someone (that sometimes we don’t even really know). But above all, we feel alive. And that’s one of the reasons why we love falling in love.

After the 13 bizarre situations when you start to be comfortable with a man, here are the 27 completely naughty behaviors that you can’t help having when you have a crush on someone!


1) You can’t help telling your friends about him all the time. And like a soap opera, they follow your adventures carefully.

2) You fantasize about improbable scenarios between him and you worthy of romantic comedies. But in reality, the only interaction between you and him comes down to … no, it doesn’t end.

3) When you come across a horoscope, you now read the love section carefully, looking for a phrase that would predict the future happiness that awaits you and him.

4) When you speak to him, your voice instinctively takes on a different tone, and strangely becomes much deeper and more sensual.

5) You have a beating heart every time your phone vibrates, but it is only your telephone operator who informs you that you will soon no longer have an internet plan.

6) If you do not receive new messages from him, you constantly re-read your old conversations. And you can’t help but smile every time.

7) You use all possible excuses to be near him, and even if you already have three new notebooks in your bag, you come to his office to ask him for a piece of paper.

8) If you know that he will be present at the next party, you make sure to highlight all your assets. And if despite that, he is not charmed, you really do not know what to do …

9) In the evening in your bed before sleeping, you think about him, and the incredible story you could have if you were together. And there you are, wondering what he can do right now.

10) In the morning, when you wake up, it is the first thing you think of. And you wonder if today you are going to be able to meet him.

11) You see signs of destiny every time you discover things you have in common. Which gives you one more reason to believe it’s the right one!

12) You replay in your head the conversations you had with him, torturing your mind to analyze what he may think on his side.

13) When nobody sees you and you have nothing to do, you can’t help but look at photos of him, and zoom in on the screen to look at every pixel of his face. But from near and far, it is still as wonderful.

14) You have “Googlate”. His Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and his Skyrock blog which he has not used since he was 14, has no more secrets for you. You feel like Sherlock Holmes looking for the slightest clue that would help you get to know him better. And knowing that he has a dog called “Snoopy” gives you the satisfaction of a job accomplished.

15) You “regularly inform yourself” about new features on his Facebook profile, so much so that you only have to put the first letter of his first name on the search bar for the site to offer you his profile.

16) You also “checked” all the girls with whom he was arm in arm, arm in arm in his photos, and had time to make ten thousand scenarios between them and him.

17) Looking at him in the eye is a real struggle. And you hate the fact that he knows he impresses you.

18) You love to talk to people who think you would be fine together. Only they understand you, really.

19) You overestimate the look game you have with him. And when he looks you in the eye, you’re sure he wants to send you a message. When in fact, he was just thinking about what he was going to eat this afternoon.

20) You are paranoid that he discovers that you are completely crazy about him. And it’s quite a job on yourself not to throw yourself at the messages it sends you in order to avoid that the “read” notification appears too quickly.

21) But in the end, it burned you out because you have a sparkling look when you look at it, and a smile to your ears. Something that doesn’t happen when you talk to his friend Jean-Fred, right next door.

22) You start mixing your words when you speak to them. ” You’re okay? “Yes, what about me?” ” Sh**t ehhh .

23) As soon as he enters the room, you suddenly worry about the look you can have. And at this precise moment, you bitterly regret not having combed your hair this morning.

24) As soon as a pretty girl approaches him, your face can no longer physically smile. Wesh, who is she?

25) When you accidentally hear his first name in a conversation, you gently listen. But apart from the hubbub behind, you understand absolutely nothing. And it’s horribly frustrating.

26) You talk to his friends only to hear from him. “So, was it cool last Friday’s aperitif?” And besides … Jean-Bernard was there, right? “

27) You wanted to call his friend Jean-Fred, but it was his first name that accidentally came out of your mouth. And at that time, digging a hole to hide there is your dearest dream.

And you, what do you do when you are in love with someone?

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