25 Signs That He’s Scared of His Feelings for You (Without Realizing It)

Have you ever wondered why he was so distant? You immediately tell yourself that it’s because you don’t like him that much. But believe me, the reason may be quite different.

Men are not like us. Most of them are not used to expressing their feelings and they are actually frightened by these new emotions which they try to keep in them. Men are the type to say: “I’m a macho, love has no hold on me!” “ And then BOOM, they find themselves suddenly completely and deeply in love.

So remember, he doesn’t distance himself – he just discovers new feelings that he may not know how to handle. That said, pay attention to what I’m about to tell you.

Here are some signs that he clearly loves you but is afraid to listen to his heart and let it take over.

1. He fixes you.

You know, that feeling of being watched? That feeling that he’s watching you? You know he’s staring at you and he says he’s been lucky to meet you. Yes, you know … And it’s extremely pleasant!

You don’t want to raise your head for fear of spoiling this moment. If he realizes that you like him too and you know he is watching you, he will stop immediately because he is afraid of admitting that you like him.

2. He has been harmed in the past.

He sometimes mentions that he has been hurt in the past and that he will do everything he can to prevent it from happening again. This is the reason why he hesitates to abandon himself to your relationship. He is afraid that you will break his heart , like his ex did.

And it’s quite normal. Put yourself in his place. If a man had broken your heart, would you trust someone that quickly or would you rather play it safe until you were sure it didn’t happen again?

3. One day yes, one day no…

It is a clear sign that he cares about you but is afraid. One moment, he is all in love, all kind and considerate, then the one after he is cold and distant. It is like a permanent internal struggle. Will it open to you or not?

It sends you contradictory signals and you don’t know how to react. Are you going to move away, thinking that he is leading you by boat or staying long enough for him to finally declare himself and say to him – YOU LIKE ME! Up to you !

4. He spends time with you.

If he invites you to go out, to the cinema or elsewhere, it is because you like him. If he didn’t want to be with you, or if you only interested him in s ex , he wouldn’t invite you out and wouldn’t want to spend as much time with you. He likes to be with you, but he’s not ready to admit it yet.

5. He doesn’t seem determined to take the first step.

You are sure to please her. All the signs converge and yet he does not seem to want to take the first step. But you can guess it from his way of looking at you and talking to you … Because let’s be honest, when a boy falls for us, we know it and we feel it.

As I said before, if he does not take the first step even when he would like to, it is clearly because he is too afraid . Someone has broken his heart or maybe you are bullying him or he thinks you are too good for him. As soon as you understand which option it is, let him know that he can take a step towards you and that you want him to do so.

6. He’s nervous when he’s with you.

Did he ever say or do weird things? Something is making him nervous, but you don’t know what it is. Well dear, this is a sign that he is afraid of his feelings for you. He’s afraid to say or do something that ruins everything.

He wants to be perfect. It’s like when we have to do something very important and that is important to us, we get nervous and our hands are sweaty, because we are afraid of the result. With him it’s the same thing, except that there you are the result.

7. His friends know, but you don’t …

Here is the most clear sign that he is afraid of his feelings for you. If you know that you are the topic of conversation of the moment among his group of friends, you have just exposed him! If he tells his friends about you, it’s because you really like him because the boys don’t talk to each other about girls they don’t plan on going out with. If one of his friends tells you about it, it’s in the pocket.

8. He blushes when you are there.

I know you tell yourself that only women blush. It’s wrong ! Men also tend to blush in front of a girl they like. If you catch him blushing when he tells you a life story, it’s a sign that you like him but he’s afraid to admit it.

This means that he really cares about you, your opinion and also that he wants to leave a good impression. So you have to try to put him at ease and ask him questions. Your first date will be just a few steps away!

9. He sweats.

We all tend to sweat when faced with novelty. So imagine how stressed and sweaty he will be on your first date! He will try to be at his best, but will still find it difficult to hide the symptoms of his stress.

Don’t be too harsh on him. Try to appease him by laughing at his jokes and asking him questions about him. It simply means that he cares about you but is afraid to admit it. Please respect this. After all, it may be your soul mate.

10. He compliments you.

We all know what that means. If a man compliments you, it’s a sign that you like him. He compliments you in the hope of probing your reaction. And admit it, a boy who tells you that you are sublime in your dress, it’s quite pleasant … I could listen to this all day. Not you ?

11. He’s holding the door for you.

It is a sign that he loves you, but also that he is a real gentleman. Let’s be honest ladies – there aren’t a lot of them these days. Most boys are assholes who only want to sleep. If your man holds the door for you on your first date and all those who follow, realize your luck: he is a guardian angel.

12. He laughs at your jokes.

You don’t even have to be very funny, he will laugh anyway. It’s a sign that he likes you but is afraid to admit it. He’s just trying to lighten the mood and laughing at your jokes is the first step.

If you feel it responds positively, you can relax and enjoy the rest of the evening. Some people are just born to beautify our days, right?

13. He listens to you talk about your problems.

A man who listens to you talk about the problems you face in life is necessarily a good thing. It is a sign that he cares about you, but is afraid to admit it for fear that you will panic.

It shows you that whatever happens, it will be there for you and will protect you from the outside world. Being with someone like that is a blessing, so be sure to support them too.

14. He finds it hard to hold your gaze.

Body language speaks volumes, especially in the context of a romantic relationship, at a time when you don’t know whether you like a man or not. If you notice that he is looking at you and then looks away, it is a sign clearly indicating that he loves you but is afraid to tell you.

He may never even find the courage to say these words to you as they are. It may be easier for him to write to you saying that he cares about you. It is a sign of true love, but also of his nervousness when he is in your company. I’m sure you have your methods to allow him to relax…

15. He doesn’t invite you out.

You are probably wondering how this could be a sign of his feelings for you? Well ladies, you have to understand that sometimes the most interesting men are the most shy. Maybe he’s been trying to invite you for days, never finding the right time. Don’t wipe it off the card right away. Give it a chance. Perhaps he is the most adorable man you have ever met. And maybe he will make you the happiest woman on earth.

16. He is protective.

If you have a problem, he will do anything to resolve it. It is his way of showing you his love. It is one of the clearest signs that he loves you. He just needs a little time to see clearly. And believe me, it will take him a little more to admit that he loves you. Men are like that and we have to accept it. But after all, that’s why we love them!

17. He sends you messages.

A boy who cares about you will want to know how your day went. Perhaps he will write to you to say hello or even to invite you to lunch during your break. The point is, he will want to spend as much time with you as possible. It is a sign that he likes you but is afraid to admit it. He wants to know you better before revealing himself and telling you the 3 magic words: “I love you!” “

18. He is jealous when another man approaches you.

Even if you are not officially in a relationship, he will be jealous as soon as another man approaches you. He perceives a potential rival and is not entirely comfortable with this idea. He tries to protect you from all these carnivorous looks and he wants you to be only his. It is a sign that he cares about you but is too shy to admit it. He will prefer to chase all the men approaching, rather than admitting his feelings. What more can we say … Men are complicated.

19. He refuses to put a label on your relationship, but his look speaks volumes about his feelings for you.

When you’re around, he always has those fried whiting eyes and he can’t stop looking at you. He finds you perfect and he wants you to be part of his life. He loves everything from you, from your smile to your eyes, to your voice. In fact, this man is crazy about you, but he’s too afraid to admit it, even to himself.

20. He never talks about other women.

It is as if he had found what he had always been looking for and therefore no longer needs to talk about other women. In fact, you are the only one who interests him and it is stronger than him. His friends tease him but he doesn’t care. He only wants one woman in his life and that woman is you.

21. He gives you his full support.

Whether you’re having a little problem or going through a rough patch in your life, he’s there to comfort you. He knows that in a moment like this it is very important to be surrounded and therefore he does his best to be there as soon as you need him. You can really trust him, he will not hesitate to make every effort necessary for you.

22. He is attentive to small things.

If he remembers your dog’s name or the date of your last vacation, it’s because he has real feelings for you. A man who is not interested will make no effort to remember such things. It is therefore a sign clearly indicating that you mean a lot to him and that you really like him.

23. His friends have revealed his secret to you.

If her friends tell you that you like her, you can be sure it’s the truth. When someone likes him, he tells them about it and here, that someone is you. It is now up to you to decide whether to give him a chance or to break his fragile heart. PS: I hope you will not be too hard.

24. If you are sad, he is sad too.

If you are sad due to an unfortunate event, he will share this sadness with you. If you like him, he will be unable to be happy and laugh while you are depressed and melancholy. Here is a man who really cares about the girl who makes his heart beat: it is definitely worth it that you give him a chance. Not to mention the fact that it is good to marry and that it would probably do anything to make you happy.

25. He admits that you like him.

He can no longer bear to be constantly with you, without confiding his true feelings to you. So, he decides to break the ice and confess everything to you. He tells you that he loves you and that he will be flattered that you give him a chance. He appreciates you so much that he completely forgot his shyness with women. No need to tell you that this is the most clear sign that he loves you…

And these are just a few of the signs that a man has a crush on you, but is afraid. The best way to find out more is to ask the boy directly. But if you are not brave enough, you can trust these signs of a man’s attraction.

Either way, if a man really loves you, you will feel it. But it can help you if in doubt. If you are not absolutely sure you LIKE him, have a little patience, I am sure he will eventually break his shell and reveal his feelings. It’s just a matter of time !

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