20 Simple Ways to Show Affection in Marriage

Ever had those moments when you sheepishly admit you don’t know how to do something you should know how to do? I recently had a client do this when she admitted she struggles showing affection to her husband and kids. Her thinking didn’t naturally go there due to being raised in a family that didn’t show much affection. She needed to be taught how to find little moments to meet her family’s affection needs.

Small affectionate moments can have a big ripple effect in your relationship. When we show affection to our husbands, they feel noticed, respected, and cherished. Taking time to show simple gestures of affection tells your husband he is more important than any other man in your life. If he is your special someone, your actions should show that he gets special treatment.

Showing affection doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. If you need some ideas of simple ways to show your husband affection, here are a few places to start:

  1. Initiate a kiss—and kiss him for more than 5 seconds.
  2. Sit close to him on the couch. Touch produces oxytocin, the “love hormone,” which is good for both of you.
  3. Post a favorite pic of him to Instagram or Facebook and in the caption, list lots of reasons you’re grateful for him.
  4. Create a playlist of songs that remind you of milestones in your relationship, like your wedding song or a song from the first movie you saw together.
  5. Initiate sex—the way he wishes you would. If your life is too chaotic for sex, here are some ways to make it work.
  6. Send him an unexpected text to tell him what you admire in him.
  7. Rub his shoulders when he’s stressed.
  8. Scratch his back.
  9. Leave him a note where he’d not expect to find one—maybe even make it a scavenger hunt.
  10. Buy him a simple gift that says you know him and are thinking of him—his favorite gum, coffee, or candy bar.
  11. Smile at him when he’s not expecting it, from across an aisle at a grocery store or from across a room at a party.
  12. Greet him at the door when he gets home.
  13. Tell him why you are proud of him.
  14. Check him out from head to toe and be sure he catches you doing it.
  15. Have a thank-you party to celebrate all he does for you and your family.
  16. Write him a love letter.
  17. Invite him to play with you—have a Nerf gun war or snowball fight.
  18. Ask him to take a break from weekend chores and use that time just to be still together.
  19. Start and end the day with a kiss.
  20. Participate in his favorite hobby when he asks you to—and don’t complain if you don’t like it.

These are simple and just take you being intentional. Most don’t cost a thing! So ladies, show your husband you notice him today.

How does your husband like you to show affection?