19 Valentine’s Date Night Ideas

My husband and I became friends before we started dating. When Valentine’s Day rolled around we had only been dating for several weeks. We decided to stay in. I went to his place and made dinner and sugar cookies. I really wasn’t expecting anything from him, but he gave me a Ms. Pac-Man game that you plug into the TV (Ms. Pac-Man was my favorite game). It may sound ridiculous, but sitting next to my favorite person, taking turns playing Ms. Pac-Man while eating great food was a perfect evening.

Valentine’s Day ideas don’t have to be fancy or expensive because it should be about spending time with your favorite person. Share the love with these 19 romantic Valentine’s date night ideas and let the romance ignite! We also have some great conversation starters and 41 ways to romance your husband.

  1. Eat in. Avoid the restaurant crowds and pick up your favorite dinner to go.
  2. Fine dining. Dine under the stars, at a park, or by candlelight on a blanket in the living room. Use our Marriage TALK conversation starters for an even deeper emotional connection.
  3. Wow him. If you don’t have time to make a special dinner, make or pick up a “wow” dessert.
  4. Play hooky. Take a day off from work together. Your kids are at school, and you can hire a babysitter for the afternoon so you can just enjoy each other’s company for an entire day. Need more motivation? Here are 10 reasons to get away without the kids.
  5. Get cultural. Get lost in a museum or art gallery. It can spark interesting conversation and reveal more to you about how your husband sees the world.
  6. Relax together. Book a couples massage. By the time you get back home, you’ll be super relaxed and ready for some late night fun.
  7. Clip coupons. Give him this collection of Valentine coupons for a back rub, his favorite home-cooked meal (plus dessert!), an afternoon of uninterrupted time for him to watch sports, or maybe instant forgiveness for one of his little irksome habits.
  8. Sun fun. Watch the sunrise. Wake up early and bundle up. It’s a great excuse to snuggle with your valentine. Or, find a romantic spot and watch the sunset together.
  9. Have a staycation. Decorate a room in fun, cheesy, and cheap items that will make you feel like you’ve traveled afar.
  10. Think back. Pull out your wedding video and watch how the conversation and memories come naturally.
  11. Skate. When was the last time you went ice-skating without the kids? Hand holding, hot chocolate, and laughter. What else do you need?
  12. Workout. Go to the gym together. (And be sure to praise his physique and stamina during the workout!)
  13. “Valentine.” Reminisce about your first Valentine’s Day as a couple. Pull out old photos if you have them. Ask him these 20 fun questions to get to know him better.
  14. Romance him. Try one of these 41 ways to romance your husband.
  15. Showtime. Pick him up from work and whisk him away to an action movie he’s wanted to see. No chick flicks, please— unless he’ll agree to watch one of these 52 great movie love stories.
  16. Dress for success. Wear something new to bed. (No flannel, even if it’s a cold night).
  17. Early to bed. Are your children young? Avoid the expense of a sitter by putting the kids to bed early so you can have a romantic dinner on your own.
  18. Escape. Do you have teenagers who stay up later than you? Take your dinner and mood music on the road. Go to a park with a view of the water. If it’s cold, sit in the backseat with a blanket and cuddle. You can even make it dinner and a movie with your laptop or a portable DVD player.
  19. Keep it light. No serious discussions about finances, kid troubles, or criticisms of your husband.


What is your favorite Valentine’s date idea?

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