15 tips to boost your relationship when things are going wrong

Every couple goes through difficult times and more complicated periods. To avoid separating for the wrong reasons, try to relaunch your romantic relationship with a few very simple tips.

Whether you’ve been together for ten months or two years, your romantic relationship is going through a few areas of turbulence. Right now, you’re arguing all the time and you’re a little bored.

First of all, don’t panic! All couples are going through difficult times, this is completely normal, especially in long relationships. And even if you love yourself. Stress, professional pressure and maintaining your social life can also become factors of argument or fatigue in the relationship. By force, routine and tension can lead to a break or a breakup.

However, you love your partner and neither of you wants to spoil everything. To avoid separation, try to rekindle the flame with small, simple gestures to apply on a daily basis.

If you are bored …

  • Do new activities

Having a common activity or passion can be a good way to consolidate your relationship. By doing something regularly for two, only for the two of you, you will be able to get closer and thus, become more accomplice. Plan to go on weekends once a month, try diving, a new sport or get a theater pass. In short, find yourself a stimulating joint activity.

  • Create a list

Together, make a list of things to do once a week, for example, to find yourself. You can, for example, prepare dinner together, go have a coffee in a cute brasserie, discover a new restaurant in another neighborhood. Try to stick to it as much as possible.

  • Avoid the screens in your room

Television, computers, tablets or mobile phones should not be allowed in your room. It is a sacred place, ideal for meeting up, telling you about your day and (obviously) making love.

  • Organize mini-dates

Can’t seem to find time to spend an evening together? Try eating breakfast together, joining in for lunch, or enjoying a weekend brunch.

If you argue …

  • Discuss everyone’s needs

When a person’s needs are not met in a relationship, it can often lead to argument. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner how you feel, and what you want. In return, listen to his requests and try to make an effort on them.

  • Say what you like about the other

If you keep blaming yourself and never complimenting yourself, it will become difficult to avoid big arguments and disenchantment. To do this, tell your partner everything you love about him, why you are still in love with him and why he is really great in your eyes. Obviously, it must return the favor.

  • Play sports together

Doing sports for two can increase your motivation, but also boosts communication in a relationship. This will make it easier for you to communicate after a good session where you sweat together.

  • Share household chores

If you live together, don’t let housework or shopping become a source of conflict. Share the tasks and stick to it, it’s the surest way to avoid arguments.

  • Settle your conflicts

All couples argue at some point. Do not fear them but learn to manage them. After a headache, you must ask each other’s forgiveness, and try to chat to avoid bitterness.

  • Create a fantasy jar

On little papers, write one fantasy at a time. Try to get the most out of you and your partner. Every week, dig into the jar and try to reproduce this fantasy. By force, you will not even need the jar.

  • Schedule your reports

It may not be very romantic, but to find a certain intimacy, it will be necessary to go through a lovemaking agenda, especially if you are both very busy. Remember that lovemaking is the key to a fulfilling and fulfilling relationship.

  • Send naughty texts

When you are far from each other, do not hesitate to rekindle the flame by sending you some well-chosen texts . It is ideal to rekindle the flame a little your relationship and spice up your reunion.

  • Shake up your habits

If you’ve never been out of bed, try all the other rooms (or other furniture) in your home. If you are used to having long intercourse, try shorter lovemaking, etc. Try something new, you might like it!

  • Don’t forget the rest

Lovemaking is fun, but don’t miss hugs, caresses, erotic massages, words of love slipped into his jacket. In a romantic relationship, they are just as important.

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