15 things women love about relationships

We all have our little habits, our little fads, and these little (or big!) Things that we love when we are in a relationship. So today, for you men, here is a list of 15 things that women love in a relationship! And if all women are different, it’s a safe bet that at least a dozen of these things will hit your sweetheart!

That we stroke her hair

Obviously make sure you don’t have greasy hands…

Let you know when she’s not in the mood

It’s frankly adorable, especially when you do everything to make her smile, while knowing how to leave her alone.

That you have confidence in yourself

Arguably one of the most important personality traits to have! Confidence makes anyone more attractive.

Demonstrations of love in public

You are certainly not asked to do too much, but simply hold it by the hand, stop walking suddenly to kiss it …

Whether you have an adventurous spirit

Being in a couple does not necessarily rhyme with tidy life! Having a little reckless and adventurous side will prevent you from sinking into everyday boredom.

Whether you kiss her all over her body

There is no reason why there is only for the lips! The ears, the nape of the neck, the neck, the shoulders … Cover your partner’s body with kisses!

Whether you put on her favorite scent

Finally, yours … Not his … Finally, you understand! A scent that you like to wear, and that makes your head spin (in a good way!)

Whether you have a sense of humor

If it is a question of being serious when it is necessary, laughter is essential for a couple! So rediscover your child’s soul!

Let you know what she thinks

Eh yes! Whether you share a deep connection to the point of knowing what your other half thinks and wants, it’s the best of the best for the couple!

May you surprise her

You don’t have to surprise her every day, but know how to be unpredictable and get out of your daily routine!

Whether you text her cute during the day

Because, whether your other half has a good day or a bad day, a short text message (no need to write a novel) to say that you are thinking about her can brighten up the rest of her day!

Whether you are smart

And of maturity! Strangely, a discussion of your work, or a subject of general knowledge, in which you bring interesting information that differs from the last series, or your favorite sport, can really make you s**xy!

Whether you listen to it actively

That you will be able to highlight information that she launched in a conversation last week will impress and delight her! Try it you will see! So really listen.

That you show respect

And politeness! In any relationship, these two elements must be the basis of all your exchanges.

That you hold the door for him

It may differ from one woman to another, but generally, they will appreciate very much that you hold the door before entering a restaurant for example. In short, make it feel like it is the most important to you!