Have you ever met someone to whom you immediately felt
attracted, as if sparks were flying through your body to his, making you
tremble as you passed?

As if you were experiencing something outside your body
as if something had happened and suddenly you found yourself in a world made for
two. Your intuition also whispers to you that he feels the same way.

This is what happens when chemistry exists between two

Chemistry cannot be forced. It is a natural and
undeniable connection between two people.

The kind of connection that everyone dreams of but very
few of us manage to find.

The presence of shared chemistry is one of the best ways
to start a relationship, but it is not necessarily bulletproof and can be

So while chemistry is important, it is far more important
to create something out of it.

People who share it need to find out if it is a sign of
more than just attraction.

Are you connected to another level? Are you ready to
start a relationship? Is he your soul mate? Are there signs of a romantic

In the end, the best way to spot the chemistry between
two people is to look at it as a potential sign of an exceptional relationship.

It is the first step towards something that can be
wonderful if the two people involved matching each other if they have found
each other on all levels and in all aspects, and if they are willing to work
together and make efforts for their relationship.

If you have felt such magnetism in the face of someone
else and believe that there is more, you will see the unmistakable signs of
chemistry between you:

1. Fascination

You’ll feel drawn to each other for no reason at all.

Perhaps you have just exchanged a few words and barely
know each other, but a sense of familiarity will invade you at all times.

You will feel like you know each other. You will have the
impression that you can read his thoughts and vice versa, without you being
able to explain it.

They are like vibrations between you, and even if they
are invisible, you feel them intensely.

These vibrations are what causes you to gravitate around
each other.

2. The look never lies

You are unable to look away from each other. You observe
each other from head to toe and sometimes even share prolonged eye contact,
although this can be uncomfortable.

You feel a kind of shyness and when you realize that he
has caught you staring at him, you look away and act as if nothing has
happened. And it happens the other way around too.

Even though it may sound childish, it’s still true. This
childishness also gives a very special flavor to the alchemy you share.

3. Your smile is a revealing sign

There is no greater proof and no sign as telling as the
simple act of smiling.

Every time the object of your affection crosses your
path, you can’t help but smile.

You are smiling with your heart and soul, rather than
just your face. Your affection for each other is undeniable.

It’s funny how a stranger can brighten up our day, and
that’s the whole idea of chemistry.

4. You speak the same language

And I’d be tempted to talk about the language of love,
but that would sound a little silly, even if it’s more or less the truth.

But this isn’t just about the possibility of love.

It’s about finding a part of yourself in someone else.
Like you’ve found a best friend and more, someone you can trust.

No matter what you talk about, you understand each other
without the need for further explanation.

You finish each other’s sentences. You have similar
points of view.

In a crowded room, you are the only one laughing at the
same joke. You are fluent in the language of sarcasm.

5. Soothing silences

You are comfortable even in situations where there is no
need to talk. If you don’t feel like talking, you don’t need to force the

You may be tired after a chaotic day or have some

Whatever it is, silence is never uncomfortable when it
comes to you.

And even when you don’t say anything, you feel the
presence of the other person and it is enough to bring you peace and joy.

6. Butterflies fluttering in your stomach get carried

You feel nervous every time you know you’re going to see
each other.

This is good stress, stemming from the excitement of
being able to meet someone you really and truly appreciate.

And it’s the excitement that makes the butterflies in
your belly come to life… But now they look more like elephants!

And when you meet each other, your hearts start beating

You can’t hide your nervousness, it almost makes you look
silly and clumsy every time you get close.

7. 7. Your attention is always focused on the other

When you are surrounded by a few friends or a larger
group of people, you are always very attentive to what your half has to say,
even in times when others choose to completely ignore it.

Sometimes you know that he or she is listening to you
without appearing to be listening, simply because he or she is the only one
giving you an opinion about what you are saying.

And all your attention is turned on him and that
therefore, the alchemy between you is indisputable.

8. Body language speaks volumes

It’s not just a matter of glances exchanged… If you
look closer, you’ll see that his pupils are dilated.

Scientists say this happens when you’re close to someone
you like and are attracted to.

The many forms of body language teach us a lot about

For example, we think of taking deep breaths, blushing,
imitating each other’s gestures, licking our lips, leaning in front of the
other person, brushing our arms, etc. We can learn a lot from many forms of
body language.

In conclusion, let’s say that body language betrays
alchemy, it amplifies it.

9. Enthusiasm for the next meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you again. You are counting the
days, hours and minutes until you can breathe the same air again.

Because it doesn’t matter where you go or what you do –
it’s just being together that makes you happy.

You both organize group meetings, just in the hope that
the other one will appear.

And you’re always the last to leave these meetings
because you’ve ended up talking about everything and nothing.

You find yourself not wanting to take your eyes off each

10. Titillate the other one nicely

You’re throwing little spikes for no reason. You simply
like to push him to react or test his limits and see how he behaves in certain

You never intend to offend him or make him feel bad.

It’s a kind of game that you use to spice things up and
steer the conversation towards more fun and bickering.

Your friends have probably noticed this and they already
categorize you as an “old couple”.

11. The subtle flirtation

You don’t want anyone to notice that there’s more to you
than just attraction.

Probably because you’re still trying to figure things out
and read the signs yourself.

This is also why you are subtly flirting.

For you, a simple kiss on the cheek is more intense, the
hugs last longer than they should, and you hug each other more tightly,
probably taking advantage of this to stroke each other’s backs.

Each of your physical contacts is courteous and friendly
but at the same time very intense and beyond mere words.

And as I said before, you have your language and also use
it for flirting, without it seeming too obvious.

You may even have exchanged a few flirty messages.

And these are proof of the chemistry between you, so
powerful that you feel connected and close, even when you are not together.

12. The concept of time is relative

You lose track of time every time you spend a moment

Five hours spent together seem like only five minutes. It
goes by so fast you don’t even realize it.

And you know what they say, time flies when you’re having

But time also flies when you’re with the right person.

When you’re with the right person, you talk about a thousand
and one things and it seems impossible to get tired of the other, even if you
wanted to!

Even if you sat down in silence, you would still enjoy
each other’s company.

You are connected in a way you would never have suspected.

You’ve never experienced this with anyone else. That’s
why time always seems too short and everything ends too soon.

13. It’s all about the details

You notice he’s wearing a new shirt and you compliment
him on it. You notice that he has just cut his hair and that it makes him even

He remembers that you told him about your love for
coconut chocolates and will most likely surprise you.

You remember the way he drinks his coffee. He remembers
that story you told him months ago and might tell it again.

If you pay attention to these little things (very
important by the way), the signs of alchemy are very easy to spot.

Most people would miss these details but not you, because
they are very important and you are very interested in each other.

14. Mystery and Enthusiasm

Mystery and alchemy go hand in hand. To be attracted to a
person, you don’t have to know them well.

The mystery is precisely what seduces us. You want to
know more. And naturally, you begin to understand how to get there.

So chemistry can be seen as a puzzle that you are both
eager to complete.

You know a little bit about each other, but you don’t
fully assume it.

Getting to know each other and solving the mystery is
also one of the ways of knowing whether the alchemy between you is lasting and
whether you can start building a relationship.

You should never reveal too much too soon. Take the time
to complete this puzzle.

Get to know each other, one step at a time. A little bit
of mystery is good for you, as it is for him.

15. The inevitable sexual tension

This chemistry between you intensifies every situation.
You feel attracted to each other in every sense of the word, including sexually.

There is a part of desire in all of the above-mentioned
signs. Your jokes are full of sexual innuendoes.

Your bodies are driven by sexual tension, just waiting to
express themselves.

Physical attraction and sexual tension are not the most
important signs of chemistry, but they are just as important as the others.

The most total alchemy is that which includes the body,
soul, and spirit.

You are then only one step away from finding the person
you want to spend the rest of your life with.

But in addition to these 15 signs indicating the
existence of alchemy between two people, alchemy also has a scientific

In short, certain parts of our brain are activated and
release hormones, such as oxytocin, adrenaline, dopamine

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