14 fun things to do as a couple (instead of collapsing in front of a series)

Have you finished your True Detective marathon and are looking for something more stimulating to do as a couple? Here are 14 ideas to test!

In the era of Netflix and serial binge-watching , it’s completely normal to be tempted and spend more time than sprawled on your couch following the adventures of the same characters for hours and hours . And when in addition we can do that as a couple, it becomes really pleasant: we share the same passion, we make appointments, we order pizzas and we spend hours in front of our new favorite series, in short, it’s foot.

But sometimes we want to get some fresh air and do something other than the new subway, work routine, Game of Thrones . Here are 14 ideas of cool things to do as a couple to let the sofa rest while waiting for the next season.

1. Explore a new neighborhood

You think you know your city, but have you really seen everything? There are bound to be nooks you haven’t explored yet. This is an opportunity to do two or three searches on the essential places to visit and to explore. Do the tourists in your own city and treat yourself to a short day trip.

2. Go to the theater

It’s one of the cool exit options we’ve always heard about and that we always take as an example without ever really taking action. What if we took the plunge and offered a real outing to the theater as a couple, like in the movies?

3. Play sports

Motivating yourself to do sport when you are alone is not always easy. It’s still a lot more fun and stimulating for many. Take advantage of having someone by your side to activate your duo. Go for a run, do some fitness in the living room or get started in a whole new fun discipline together ( lindy hop is more trendy than ever).

4. Make love

Good alternative to sport and just about everything else: s ex. Because there is never a bad time and there are only good excuses for making love . So turn off the TV and steal the clothes. Take this opportunity to test this thing you’ve always dreamed of trying …

5. Take a class

Take advantage of this new free time slot to educate yourself in pairs. Sign up for a cooking, dancing, pottery, fighting, figure skating, mime class … In short, explore your possibilities and agree on an activity that will please both of you . And at worst, the trial course is always free, you will not lose anything by doing tests.

6. Cook

Instead of ordering yet another pizza, take advantage of having a little time before you to embark on a recipe a little more complex than usual. Make a gratin, couscous, or even a batch of muffins (sweet AND savory, go for it). Experiment, have fun, play Top Chef and challenge yourself. Then, you can go back to slump to go to the tasting.

7. Bring back the board games

It kept you busy for hours when you were little, no reason it doesn’t work today. Take out Monopoly, La Bonne Paye or Trivial Pursuit and get into a big competition. If the classics are boring you, go to a specialized shop to discover the thousands of board games that exist today, there is something for everyone and you will surely find a new obsession.

8. Create your duo book club

You don’t need an army of friends to create a quality book club. Select a book that you have both wanted to read for a long time or a novelty that you are enthusiastic about and meet each week to debrief on the chapter you will have read during the week. Compare your analyzes, your feelings, your predictions at the end and set up a weekly meeting to discuss it.

9. Try a new restaurant

Instead of always going to the same three restaurants that you love, try to change a little. Find out about restaurants in your city, read the maps and reviews, and select a few to test in the coming weeks. Each week, find yourself in a new place to test new dishes and travel a little – then get all your friends and colleagues drunk by telling them about this incredible little canteen that you discovered.

10. Go to an amusement park

To fill up on thrills and regressive atmospheres, go spend a day in an amusement park. Treat yourself to the thrills, cotton candy, love apples and looping. Reconnect with your children’s souls by running from riding school to riding school to test as many as possible during the day.

11. Tour the open stages

Treat yourself to a good laugh by going to a stand-up show or going around the open stages of the city to discover new talents and spend an entire evening crying with laughter. Nothing better to recover from a day or a week a little zero and spend a pleasant and accomplice evening.

12. Dare the romantic cliché

You have seen these scenes a thousand times in movies and on TV, but it is high time for you to test their effectiveness: dare the great candlelit dinner with wine, champagnes, rose petals and Barry White in the background. Get out your best evening wear, dance in the middle of the living room, enjoy a glorious feast in a 100% kitsch setting and see if it really works. At best, it will give you a nice evening and at worst, you can laugh about it. It’s all good.

13. Go green

Leave the greyness and your familiar environment to get lost in a large park, or better, a real forest. Put on your rubber boots and get lost in nature. Try to see wild animals, identify trees, birds and mushrooms and breathe in the fresh country air.

14. Write your own list of activities

To never be short of ideas for original outings, set aside an evening to reflect on all the things you would like to do together – from the most banal to the craziest. Write everything down in a notebook and bring out the list as soon as you feel the urge to go on an adventure, have new experiences and have a great time.

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