12 Relationship Myths You’ve Probably Heard A Million Times

We have been told many different things over the years, especially about our relationships and those of others, but all of these things should not be taken to heart. Some of the advice given to us is worth taking, but some of it comes from myths that should have disappeared many years ago.

Below, I will review some of the most common myths about relationships that, for whatever reason, are still shared and promoted today. While it is okay to think about these things from time to time, if you rely on them too much, they can actually ruin the bonds you have with your loved ones. Love is not as simple as you might think, it is one of the most complicated things we have to experience in this life.

12 relationship myths you’ve probably heard a million times:
1. Going to bed angry should never happen.
Although we should try not to go to bed angry, we should not do everything we can to make this never happen. Sometimes life goes too fast and we need to rest. If it’s already midnight and you’ve been arguing for hours, you have to get up for work at seven in the morning, go ahead and get some sleep. You will feel much better after at least giving yourself this.

2. If things are supposed to be, they will work out.
Just because something has to be done doesn’t mean you won’t have to make an effort to make it work. You can’t just sit back and let life happen, you have to do your best to keep things going well. If you want to be with someone, you need to make sure they know how you feel, or you might miss your chance.

3. You should do your best to please your partner, especially at first.
Although you should get on well, you shouldn’t have to change who you are from getgo for everything to go well. You should be yourself and speak freely no matter what. If you are wrong at the beginning, how will things really work?

4. Opposites always attract.
Contraries do not always attract. Sometimes the best relationships are those that come from being with someone you have a lot in common. Having things in common does not mean that you should not be with someone.

5. Good relationships are easy.

No relationship will ever be easy. Relationships of all kinds will always have their problems. You must be willing to deal with problems that arise or things will never work.

6. Having regular physical intercourse will keep someone from cheating.
Just because you are physically intimate does not mean that someone will stay with you. You can’t just expect things to turn out to be physical. Being deceived is never fun and should never be tolerated, but you cannot assume that this myth will be enough to put everything in order.

7. Happy couples don’t argue.
Happy couples fight like everyone else. You can have the best relationship of your life and keep arguing from time to time. As long as things are not too negative and put you down, you should not be too alarmed.

8. Everyone should get married.
Some people are just not interested in marriage and that is fine. It is not necessary to get married to be in love, the two things must not go together. Sometimes people are just happy to be with each other and there is nothing wrong with that.

9. If your partner likes you, they will know what you need.
When you’re with someone who loves you, they may know a lot about you, but that doesn’t mean they will know everything you need when you need it or how you feel. Your partner cannot read your mind, you have to stop and talk to yourself from time to time.

10. Starting a family will make things better.
Just because you have kids doesn’t mean the problems you face are less real. You can’t solve problems by creating life, it just doesn’t happen like that. Please think about this kind of thing before diving into it.

11. People can never change.

People can change and change all the time. That said, you cannot change people, they must want to change for themselves. They have to be the ones creating the change, you can’t force it to happen.

12. Real love comes only once in a lifetime.
You can love more than one person in life. Just because you fall in love with someone and live their life with them doesn’t mean you can’t find love again when they die or when the flame goes out. Love is not as simple and as closed as most assume.