11 tips to make your couple last

Today, many couples are separating. Staying together for a long time seems more and more complicated. What are the little tricks of these couples who seem to love each other passionately years after their meeting? Is there a secret to staying a happy and united couple? Here are 11 tips to make your couple last!

11 tips to make your couple last:

1 / Show patience and understanding

With fatigue and worries, arguments can quickly take up a lot of space in a couple, and our partner turns out to be our favorite outlet, when he is the person we love the most in the world. You have to be patient and understanding to stay in positive communication. Bringing sweetness in your couple can only be a good thing.

2 / Being faithful: The basis for making your couple last!

Loyalty is with confidence one of the cements of the couple, unless the two partners agree immediately to live a polyamorous relationship. We are sometimes in search of ideal happiness, without being ready to make the necessary efforts to obtain it. A relationship is working, loyalty is a shared choice, and above all the grass is not necessarily greener elsewhere.

3 / redoubling small attentions to make the couple last

Little touches are simple things that we, unfortunately, tend to forget over time. Because we let this famous routine settle and rot the relationship by turning into boredom. Or by considering that everything is acquired. On the contrary, these loving attentions are essential over the long term because they testify to the love and interest that one takes in one’s partner.

Pleasure is essential in a couple. Surprise your partner, break the routine, find yourself in unusual situations, all this feeds the bond within the couple, and strengthens it. It is also in the most improbable situations that the most beautiful memories are created.

4 / Maintain the desire: A nice tip to make your couple last

Stress and fatigue are the two enemies of a fulfilled intimacy. We don’t have the time, we have too much work, there are the children… There is always something that disturbs the couple’s intimacy. To avoid being fooled by the wear and tear of desire, you have to know how to take time for pleasure. Know how to continue to be seduced. The carnal relationships remain one of the pillars of the couple, if only to communicate their affection and give each other tenderness.

5 / Don’t let go

Taking care of yourself is important to create a desire in others, but above all to boost self-esteem. Feeling beautiful in our own eyes and desirable in those of our spouse allows us to shine. It is not because we have been in a relationship for years that we should no longer take care of ourselves. There is a difference between being natural and letting go. Arousing admiration and desire in your partner is important. And receiving compliments is a good way to maintain self-confidence.

6 / Communicate positively to make your couple last

Communication is essential within a couple so that frustrations, reproaches or even desires, do not remain at the bottom of a drawer. Better a good fight to put things on the table than a heavy silence. Positive communication is essential, if you respect your partner, that you are caring, then that goes without saying.

All couples go through difficult times when it becomes difficult to talk to each other. For lack of time, of energy, of weariness. To get your couple back on track, you must not keep things to yourself, not develop resentment, blame, buried anger.

7 / Laughing together is a great trick to make your couple last

Laughter reinforces complicity within a couple and makes it possible not to be bored, to play down, to relativize certain problems, certain tests to face. It can also defuse arguments that have no place.

Go see a funny movie together, make jokes, have fun everyday situations, make fun of each other, tease … These are lots of ways to laugh together and build a bond over time.

8 / Keep moments without children

Children are not the enemy of the couple, family life is often central. However, it is vital to know how to save time for your couple alone, without the children. They can brighten up the life of the house, but they also take up a lot of attention, time, and energy. And sometimes at the expense of the couple. Spending time alone is therefore essential.

When you have children permanently, it is indeed difficult to relieve the pressure and to have real discussions between adults or cuddly moments. Result: we take the risk of getting lost en route. The objective: to prevent the couple from being swallowed by the everyday machine and to keep moments for two, to breathe together and rediscover themselves.

9 / Know how to compromise

A compromise is positive and different from a concession, so they should not be confused.

A concession is a negative arrangement because the one who makes it gives up something by dropping one of his ideas, his preferences, and putting himself aside.

Whereas a compromise is an agreement and cooperation, a respect for oneself and for the other. He solves a problem of disagreement without anyone feeling that he was not listened to and that he was wronged.

Compromising cannot, therefore, work unilaterally. Everyone must agree to take a step towards the other. The objective: to prevent one of the two partners from feeling that they have completely forgotten themselves over the years and to create a balanced couple relationship.

10 / Don’t see him too much: A must to make your couple last

In order for desire to rise, for love to resist the passage of time, it is sometimes necessary to create a lack. Which can be difficult when you’ve been in a relationship for years, living together, having a family life. Some couples even struggle with distance. There it is not a question of creating a distance but of arousing this feeling of lack to savor the desire for reunionSome couples have even made the choice to live separately!

This is why, even if it is important to share activities, even if we are a fusional couple, it can be good to separate to better find each other. To have time for yourself and a social life outside of your married life.

11 / Agree to age

As for couples who have been together for a long time, decades, who resist the passage of time, we want to ask them for their tips, their miracle recipes that explain the longevity of their couple.

And the essential thing, in addition to those already mentioned, is to accept aging and not to make it an obstacle but strength in your relationship. Aging together.  It is hard to see yourself grow old, to accept it sometimes for certain people, but it is even harder when the other does not accept it.

Even if we try to resist it, we live in a society where the cult of youth is strong. Many couples suffer greatly from this impossible quest for time. Some people decide to turn to younger partners for reassurance, while others choose to age together and share a crucial stage in life, as a couple and with their lifelong partner. But for that, you must first accept your own old age.

Having known how to love each other for so long thanks to all these tips, can only strengthen the desire and strength of their couple to age together.