10 Ways to Say Yes to Marriage

A couple we know says that their friends never expected their marriage to last. But it has, and two ideas served as the glue to keep them together. First? They said no to divorce. It was never joked about or mentioned in their marriage whatsoever!  It wasn’t easy. There were times they questioned their decision to get married in the first place. But they remained true to their commitment and each other. Taking this stance forced them to make their marriage work.

The second thing that held them together was coming to understand that other people, beginning with their children, were watching their marriage. Realizing this and having witnessed the heartache that happens when a couple divorces, they were encouraged to go beyond just saying no to divorce, and committed to these 10 Ways to Say Yes to Marriage

1. Get the D word out of your marriage.  The D word is, of course, divorce. You can say yes to marriage by never even mentioning divorce as an option, especially in the heat of an argument or when you want to get a jab in at your husband.

2. Make your marriage a priority.  As your marriage goes, so goes your family.  So pay attention to your marriage as if your family’s life depends on it, because it does.

3. Make your husband a priority.  The first step in making your marriage a priority is making your husband a priority.  There will be times when the needs of your children require your immediate attention, but your husband’s needs must come first at least some of the time.

4.Remember the little things.  Little things matter in marriage – remembering to say “Thank you” and “I appreciate you” go a long way in saying yes to marriage.

5. Assume the best.  Every time you assume the worst about your husband’s actions or intentions, you water the weed of bitterness and discontent in your marriage.  Give him a break, and if you’re really wondering about his intentions, ask.

6. Cherish your marriage.  Treat your marriage as if it is the most valuable thing in your life.  Protect it, guard it, cherish it.

7. Don’t compare marriages.  The grass may be greener in your neighbor’s yard, but that doesn’t mean their marriage is too.

8. Make time for your marriage.  Put your marriage at the top of your to-do list.

9. Look back once in a while.   Pause to think of how you first met your husband; your first date, how you became engaged, and your wedding day.

10. Consider the alternative.  Being married can be a challenge, but having someone to share your life with can make your life richer and your load lighter. 

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