10 ways to say “I love you” differently

Generally, gestures have much more impact than words. Saying “I love you” every day is very important, but the emotional demonstration is even more so. Here is a list of ideas that can probably help you prove your love otherwise!

1- Text him during the day

During the day, text her just to let her know you’re thinking about him / her. It’s often a habit that gets lost over the years, but it’s always nice to know that the other takes a few seconds for us.  

2- Leave her space

Many mistakenly believe that sincere love is fusional. However, this kind of relationship is harmful and suffocating. Feeling loved without being invaded is one of the keys to success. Let him have his moments!

3- surprise him/her

A surprise on his arrival from work, a new lingerie or even a “Get dressed, we leave I-don’t-know-where!” makes all the difference in a day! Everyday life is too banal not to leave room for the unexpected!

4- Learn the art of compliments

I speak of art since there is indeed a relatively precise technique for the compliment to have an impact. Be original in your rewarding words! They don’t always have to be physically related and they require variety. 

5- smile at him

When was the last time you smiled at him, just like that, just because you were good? The smile is a very strong mode of communication when it is imbued with emotions! Use it without moderation!

6- Take her hand in public

The emotional display in public is good for the heart. It is as if we proved to the other that the whole planet must see all the love we have for him. Let yourself be tempted during your next city walk!

7- Kiss her 

Quite simply. The real kiss is unfortunately a habit that gets lost over the years, but those few well-felt seconds make all the difference. A study has also mentioned the two main roles of kissing: on the one hand, it would serve to increase excitement and on the other hand to maintain the relationship!

8- Let him choose the film/activity

The couple is not only compromised! Sometimes, you have to accept to enter the universe of the other just to please him. Think of the time he agreed to watch a girls movie with you! It was probably not for his personal pleasure … But he did it precisely because he wants you happy. These moments of sharing are of great importance in maintaining the relationship. 

9- Plan activities

The simple fact of planning outings and activities makes us involved in the relationship and it is a great way to show our love. Especially since these moments will nourish your romantic memories!

10- Show gratitude 

At bedtime, highlight your good times of the day. “I really appreciated that you took over with the children when I was preparing supper!” or “Thank you for taking me in your arms when I arrived from work”. Many couples keep a gratitude journal where the two write down their positive thoughts about the relationship. It feels good to be aware of it. 

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