10 Top Reasons for Divorce that Couples Give

A friend of mine planted some bushes in front of her house. Every day she watered them, but they never grew. Day after day, month after month, for two years they stayed the same. All of a sudden, in the third year they sprouted up and out. It turns out that the roots needed several years to establish themselves before the rest of it could grow. If my friend hadn’t developed the habit of watering it every day it would have died. The same is true of a marriage. When we aren’t practicing good habits the marriage can die. 

Dr. William Doherty interviewed couples to find out their top reasons for divorce. He says that most of the reasons they gave, listed below, are things that can be fixed. Don’t let the reasons below put the option of divorce in your mind.

1. Growing apart

2. Unable to talk to each other

3. How spouse handles money

4. Spouse’s personal problems

5. Not enough attention

6. Infidelity

7. Spouse’s personal habits

8. Sexual problems

9. Taste/preference differences

10. Alcohol/drug problems

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Tell us! What habits have helped your marriage?

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