10 things that slowly destroy your relationship and that could ruin everything! Especially the 7!

Not all couples are the same, in 2017 it is not uncommon to discover completely unusual relationships. But these 10 warnings will probably enlighten you on the bad habits that you have taken together, and that make you suffer .

After reading this article, you will no longer see your partner the same way, so take the time to talk to them if you find it necessary !

1 Using intimate relationships as leverage

Indeed, the more you will calculate, the less you will take pleasure . In addition, the lack of naturalness in this kind of relationship will only distance you from the physical level. The intimate act is not made to negotiate, it cannot be used as a bargaining chip, and this in both directions. Otherwise, you simply take the risk of no longer being attracted to each other.

2 Being overly jealous

First of all and to make it very clear: everyone is jealous . Even those who will tell you that they are not, will always be a little when their partner snuggles against another. And if in reality, they are really not at all jealous, then you can start asking yourself questions … Conversely, if you are too jealous , you will suffocate your partner . Possessiveness is one of the worst scourges of the couple, and if you do not let your companion blow, it will eventually leave permanently .

3 Always go back

Some couples are convinced that they must absolutely tell each other their previous love stories . See, as in the films, spending entire nights detailing the stories of their former conquests . Unfortunately, this is just a false good idea. Most of the time, this only works on the mind of his accomplice , and he will tend to want to know always more so that he can compare himself . Better not to talk about it too much.

4 Be afraid to trust

Many will say that, like this, they will not be disappointed in case something happens. But this is precisely the problem . The possibility of a future drama, anticipated as if it was bound to happen . This means that, in a way, you do not believe in the stability of this couple , and that one day or another, you will leave. Giving your confidence is a pledge of honesty and courage, take the first step, and you will be rewarded .

5 Don’t look at yourself in a mirror

It is a mistake that most people make even beyond their relationship. Our relationships with others are based on what we first think of ourselves . Take an example: if you are tired and in a bad mood, often someone energetic will seem unbearable to you . But whose fault is it? To anyone, it’s life, quite simply … This is THE reason that will make you a person who knows how to question herself, and who will also make you happier.

6 Don’t take the time to be two

There are couples who are fused, and you should know that it is not very healthy. But others operate as if they were single: everyone’s business, not a longer conversation than 2 minutes each in his corner, everyone’s schedules, etc . The problem in this scenario is that you have no idea what the other is going through right now. This distance will eventually catch up with you , and sometimes it will be too late.

7 Downright mean, never happy

Complain (Larousse): “ Express dissatisfaction or protest about something, someone . Here is a definition that corresponds to many bad guys who will surely recognize themselves. Grinning is one thing, but doing it on someone else is totally different. If you have problems, if some things go wrong, it will be even worse if you transfer them to your partner . Rather go for a jog or a movie and try to figure out why you are on your back all the time.

8 Do not look your partner in the eye

When you look someone in the eye, you can perceive a lot more in them than listening to them speak sometimes . And if you are able to do both at the same time, you will see that your partner will be grateful to you. By the way, avoiding someone’s gaze means that there is not much trust between the two people .

9 Not supporting your choices

To avoid this causing confusion: obviously that certain vile acts cannot be sustained. We are talking here about life choices, orientation, or approach to spirituality. If your partner has the impression that you never agree with him , and that you expect only one thing: that he crashes . Unfortunately, there is little chance that your couple will still have many good years ahead of them .

10 Take the lead in front of everyone

Do you think there are no places to get confused a little when the time comes? Big mistake ! Your arguments in public will amplify the devastating effects they generate . Nothing like having a conversation between 4 eyes, and especially without an audience that could influence your actions .  If you cannot wait, you are in dire need of self-control .