10 things a man doesn’t notice about women

It’s no secret that men don’t notice the same things as women! A lot of things go under the radar, but you can’t blame them. Here’s a shortlist of 10 things your man is likely to miss.
1. All the effort you put into being pretty

I’m sorry to say that the many hours you will spend in front of your mirror, hand dryer in hand, while it is almost 40 degrees in the room, will, unfortunately, go unnoticed … As will the suffering you will endure from the top of your five-inch heels!
2. Your manicure

Your nails are freshly polished, shiny and you are waiting for the first opportunity to show your hands? Would you like him to write it down? Resign yourself, he won’t notice that your nails are worthy of a Sally Hansen ad!
3. The brands of clothes you’re wearing

Your shoes are signed by none other than Louboutin and your dress by Marie Saint-Pierre? In short, your style has cost you a small fortune! I’m sorry to tell you that your man won’t notice the difference between cheap fashion and luxury items. In fashion, it’s all in the detail. It’s bad timing, it’s not his forte…
4. New lingerie.

Maybe it’s because they’re interested, but men don’t always put your lingerie back on.
5. Your hair

Unless you go drastically from long to very short, there’s little chance that your significant other will notice that you’ve been in the barber’s chair. If it’s only for the tips or to try a new style, I’ll stop you right there, you’re asking too much of him!
6. A few pounds less

Don’t be surprised if your man doesn’t notice how much weight you’ve lost in a week. Your efforts and the result of your deprivation will only be noted when your loss is substantial.
7. When you tidy up

You’ve spent hours tidying drawers and cupboards, and absolutely everything is in order! You’re proud of it and would be happy to have a little “wow” or “thank you”. Don’t expect so much! He’ll only realize it when he’s looking for something specific and doesn’t find it. The best part? He might even blame you for cleaning up his mess…
8. New perfume.

You’ve spent a lot of time in the fragrance department, trying many different ones to find your fragrance, the one that sticks to your skin. You feel seductive, in short, a new woman! A piece of advice: don’t have too many expectations when you get home.
9. New jewelry

It’s like designer clothes, it’s a detail for your man. If you want him to pay attention to that pearl necklace you’ve been coveting for months, make sure he’s the buyer!
10. The new wrinkle that appears in the corner of your eye

Well, we mustn’t be too hard on our men. After all, their limited attention span can sometimes have its upside. Like what? No need to run to the pharmacy and cry to the beauty consultant or look for a Botox clinic; your man hasn’t noticed that nasty wrinkle that says “hi” since this morning. On the other hand, if you stop smiling to avoid seeing any more, rest assured that he will notice it.

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