10 signs that prove that he loves you… Or not !!

The beginning of a relationship is always littered with uncertainties … Women have a visceral need to be reassured by their man and to know that he loves them 

If necessary their spirit wanders and they are never at peaceThey ask themselves a lot of questions “does he love me? does he care about me? how will our story evolve? etc … ” 

Even when the relationship has been going on for a while,  a woman needs to be reassured on a daily basis !!! l is some evidence that it really matters to him …

Obviously each man is different.  If for one, it is easier to express your feelings, for another it will be less !!! Yet there are convincing acts,  common denominators in the face of love !!!

What evidence does he really love us?

At the beginning of the relationship several signs do not deceive ^^  When a man is in love he will do everything to seduce his partner,  he will go out of his way to please him and be sure that she can love him in return !!!

1- He smiles all the time:

When a man is in love and is disturbed by our presence, he smiles all the time. even if what we say is not fantastic it drinks our words. He finds it difficult to support our gaze and does not seem very comfortable !!!

2- He takes care of his outfit:

You will never see a man who is in love not getting ready…. He seems to make clothing efforts, is impeccably combed, in short, he peacocks  !!! We feel that all his efforts are directed towards us !!!

3- He is considerate:

In the same way that he seeks to impress us; he will be gallant, we hold the door, try by all means to make us happy !! Give us flowers, give us gifts, organize outings…

4- He will remember small details that affect us:

We have a problem .. he will try to solve it, we are in difficulty he will be there to support us, etc… He really wants to be the savior of the situation to help us and protect us. It’s his instinct that makes him react like this ^^

5- He will be sincerely interested in us:

When a man is in love he wants to take care of the one he loves … This is why he will listen to his companionHe will be interested in his family, his relationships and his centers of interest, etc …

6- He will push out the outings with his friends and will want to spend more time with you 

Now his priority is you !! Even if his friends always have an important place in his life, he wants to spend more time with you …  He is really  “in love “. He shifts his appointments, arranges to be available at improbable hours !! In short, it has you in the skin !!!

7- He makes life plans with you:

If a man talks about the future it is because he is a damn bit !!!  Never a man will project himself blindly ^^  This way of thinking corresponds to a sacred challenge for him. Men have a blue fear of engagement, so when they do it of their own free will,  it is because they really want to build something with the person !!!

8- A man in love is a happy man:

Like all human beings, a man in love is a happy man. .. He seems satisfied, happy, makes jokes, all the time smile !!! He appreciates the moments you spend together, sees life on the bright side. It’s a really good sign. .. You get to fill it !!!

9- He seeks to surprise us:

Whether in terms of outings, projects or intimate relationships … A man in love will seek to innovate and surprise you !!! The poor darling will dig his head to impress and please you ^^ For a man who is not used to questioning the fact of making these efforts shows his determination and his commitment towards you 

10 – He is constant:

He is not a handsome speaker who will have released a charming number for an evening, but a man who will be constant in his reactions…. He will see in the long term and will really want to delight you for a long time !!!

This list which allows us to see if he likes us is not exhaustive…

But it brings together, however concrete signs that prove that your darling cares for you Conversely, certain signs show that your “dear and tender” is not very sincere … and that the relationship is not really worth being lived !!! You must not get caught up in the game and be firm … As we have seen, if a man is really in love he will make the necessary efforts to conquer you 

Here are the signs that show that he doesn’t love us and that we shouldn’t linger in this relationship….

1- He is too good talker:

I have always been wary of men who were too good talkers, who continually flattered, constantly complimenting…  The proofs are the best barometers concerning the love of a man !!!

2- He cancels meetings at the last moment:

It just shows that he is not very committed, and that he has no more consideration for you…. Also, know that when a man is in love he will always arrange to see you !!! We become his priority. ..He wants to give of his person to convince us that he loves us !!

3- He spends nothing for you:

Let me explain, far from me the idea of ​​the venal girl who goes out with a man to be maintained .. but in a relationship of couple a man will want to spoil us, make us happy …  It is his way of him to prove to us that he loves us !!! If you see that your companion is reluctant to pay for the restaurant or is half and a half with you, never gives you a gift, sees you in a financial impasse but does not know how to reach out to you !!! FLEE …  This person does not appreciate you for your fair value … We hear today some women claiming financial autonomy, but they are very often caught at their own game !! How would you count for a man if the latter does not invest for you? It will not be the same when the relationship is more serious and obviously there is no question of playing the stingy and not helping your spouse when it comes to building together and carrying out your projects !!!

4- He does not introduce you to his relatives:

You only see yourself at his place or at your place… You’ve been dating for a few months but you have never met his family or loved ones !!! He is reluctant to go out with you in public places … It’s shady !! Either he’s already in a relationship, or he’s ashamed of you. In both cases, the relationship is not worth living !!!

5- He is married:

Some women go out with married men … Either they don’t know it but yet, there again, there are signs that it is not really available… Either they know it, not to mention the fact that this behavior doesn’t ‘is not very commendable … The relationship, as a rule, will bring nothing !!! You should not engage in this kind of relationship if you do not want to leave feathers

6- He is only interested in his person:

He only talks about him, his projects, his career and he is not interested in us … We must not stay with a selfish man who will not share anything and will always be turned towards him. This kind of relationship will not satisfy you and even if we are madly in love and we want to continue to see it, eventually the relationship will have a bitter taste !! Very often women who are in these situations find themselves very alone and end up regretting their choice !!!

7- There are no plans:

He is satisfied with the relationship without investing more, does not want to marry or have children with you … Does not want to make real estate investment with you, thinks of evolving on his side, takes account separately, etc. In fact, he does not share much … Well, it’s sad to say, but either you issue him an ultimatum to change, or you go your way …  You will not build anything with this kind of individual. You will never think in terms of “us” which is very important concerning the solidity and the durability of the couple.

In addition, if only his personal projects count,  you will not be able to have life plans for two!

8- He does not accept you as you are:

He always has a little derogatory thought about you … Either it’s on your physique; he wants you to lose weight, you have a mole that bothers him and he wants you to remove it, he prefers you in blonde, etc … Or it is your character traits that bother him, you are too expressive, too introverted, not enough as if, not enough like that !! In short, everything is subject to criticize you .. He does not accept you as you are, do not stay with this kind of individual who does not love you as you are. Ultimately you will suffer and you will be unhappy !!!

9- He is too jealous:

At the start of the relationship he was holding back but now you’re going through hell, you can’t go to a place without having to justify your trips, he discusses your clothes, forbids you certain things !! The relationship is doomed to failure !!! He doesn’t love you, you are his thing !!! For a relationship to be harmonious we must accept the other as it is and not want to change it 

10- He deceived you:

You have proof that he cheated on you … Leave him !! Someone who cheated once will start again … If you decide to stay with him your relationship will never be the same again !! Either you will live in constant worry that he is cheating on you again; either, even if you forgive him, resentment may take over and his betrayal will eat you away no matter what …  The strength of a couple must be based on love and trust 

The signs that prove that he loves us are not very difficult to understand…

The adage “love makes blind” must not make law !!! and even if we are madly in love with the person we must be clairvoyant because certain signs do not deceive. 

We must protect ourselves so that our relationship transcends us and does not destroy us !!!

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