10 Reasons to Go Beyond Date Night

Do you struggle to figure out how to reconnect with your husband with so much racket coming from the back of the minivan? Or when you only have a couple of hours a week to spare? It’s hard to flip the switch in your brain back and forth between mommy and wife in a split second. You need serious one-on-one time to stay in sync with one another through the craziness of life! Sure, it takes some effort and planning to schedule once kids are in the picture, but time alone with your man is oh so worth it. 

We know all the reasons why it’s borderline impossible at times to go beyond date night and plan an annual marriage adventure. But the strength of your family lies in the strength and security of your marriage. It’s always worth the work to have extended time away to breathe life into your relationship with your husband. If you haven’t gotten away in a while, then consider these 10 reasons to get away without the kids and pray about a time in the next year that you could make this happen. If you need ideas for a quick and easy weekend trip, then check out our getaway guide to Atlanta.

1. Uninterrupted conversation.

You know that thing you’ve been wanting to talk to your husband about, but you know it’s not a quick talk? An overnight getaway can give you some uninterrupted hours to unpack those things—even to give you time enough to wait until it feels right to bring it up.

2. Grown-up entertainment.

You know that movie you’ve been dying to see that isn’t animated? When you get away with your hubby, you might actually have a chance to see it. Together. While holding hands. Unless you need your hand to eat popcorn. Heck, you could even go to the late show! The world is your oyster.

3. Decompression.

A regular in-town date night sometimes feels rushed. Gotta’ get out the door to make your dinner reservation. Gotta’ hurry home so you can let the sitter leave. An overnight getaway lets you forget the clock for a bit and just relax. Good relationship stuff happens when you’re both rested and relaxed.

4. Uninterrupted va-va-voom.

Your getaway gives you a chance to enjoy sex without the fear of children waking or having to keep so quiet. I have a friend whose daughter unfailingly gets out of bed when she and her husband are trying to make love. The child sticks her face in the crack underneath their locked door and yells, “What are you doing in there?? Why is this door locked?” Hilarious? Yes. A total mood killer? Double yes. Sometimes, getting away is the only way to let the sparks fly without having to stuff a pillow in the crack under the door!

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5. Real food.

On your getaway, you will actually be able to eat at restaurants without a children’s menu! Oh, the ecstasy! Not a chicken nugget or crayon in sight…

6. Change of venue.

If your love life is suffering from a case of the blahs, it might just need some different scenery! Just being in a different room with different lighting and atmosphere can sometimes take you to a place in your mind that you find hard to achieve in your bedroom at home– with its signature pile of laundry and random sippy cups thrown around. And while you’re changing up the scenery, go ahead and pick up a little something new from the lingerie department. That’s a change of scenery your husband won’t miss!

7. Sometimes your kids want a break, too.

A weekend with the grandparents or a sitter will likely turn out pretty awesome for your kids. We don’t want to burst your bubble, but grandparents are more fun than you are. They don’t ration popsicles as stringently as you do, and they don’t say “no” quite as much. A sitter often feels like a mini-vacation for the kids, too, because she works harder to keep everyone entertained than mom and dad normally do. Everybody wins.

8. You’ll be a sweeter mom on Monday.

Absence often does make the heart grow fonder. After a night or two away from your children, you’ll be dying to get your hands on them and snuggle up—and they’ll be just as happy to see you! A rested mom is a happy mom.

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9. You’ll be a more connected wife on Monday.

A weekend of laughing and loving together can help you feel more in tune with your spouse when you get back home. You’ll be able to read between the lines with one another a little better and stay on the same page with all the challenges real life brings. Maybe you can even bring a little of your newfound bedroom magic back home, too! It’s worth a shot!

10. Your marriage is worth it.

It may take a little budgeting and effort to get it together, but your marriage is worth the hassle. You don’t have to go super fancy or spend lots of cash to make great memories together. But the investment of time will pay great dividends in your relationship—a benefit to you as a couple and your kids.

When’s the last time you and your husband got away without the kids?

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