10 Ideas for Outdoor Fun

These 10 ideas for outdoor fun are great for kids of all ages. They’re also perfect for getting your children thinking about other activities they’d like to do this summer. So post the list and add to it as the warm weather inspires even more outdoor activities for kids.

1. Breakfast Picnic

Have a breakfast picnic in your backyard or at a park.

2. Take a “Night Walk”

Wait until the sun goes down. Mix some smoothies and put them in plastic cups. Head out the door as a family and take a walk around your neighborhood. You can also try these 20 Ideas for a Family Fun Night.

3. Homemade Horseshoes

Place two sticks in the ground about 20 feet apart. Let your children use real shoes to try to hit the stick opposite where they’re standing.

4. Build a Fairy House

Let your children use sticks, moss, leaves, and small items from inside your home to build a fairy-sized house.

5. Penny Toss

  • Fill a dishpan, baby bathtub or kiddie pool halfway with water.
  • Place an open plastic container carefully on top of the water so that it floats.
  • Have each player stand three feet from the dishpan, tub or pool.
  • Give each player the same number of pennies.
  • Have each player stand three feet from the dishpan, tub, or pool.
  • Award a point for each penny that lands in the container.
  • The player with the most points after all the pennies have been tossed is the winner.
  • A child playing alone can keep track of how many pennies land in the container in a row.

6. Potato or Egg Race

  • Give each player a large spoon.
  • Give each player a raw egg or potato.
  • Have players line up at starting line.
  • Have players race to the finish line, without dropping their egg or potato.

7. Catch Game

This is a game for one or two players. The idea is to throw and catch the ball according to a sequence of tasks. When you miss, you lose your turn and have to start all over the next time.

Here are some tasks:

  • Throw the ball and catch it after turning completely around—1 time.
  • Throw the ball and catch it after touching the ground—2 times.
  • Throw the ball and count to three before you catch it – 3 times.
  • Throw the ball as high as you can before catching it—4 times.
  • Lift your leg and throw the ball under the knee before catching it—5 times.
  • Throw the ball and catch it after two bounces—6 times.
  • Throw the ball and touch your knees before catching it—7 times.
  • Throw the ball and clap hands before you catch it—8 times.
  • Throw the ball and catch it after one bounce—9 times.
  • Throw the ball and catch it before it bounces—10 times.

After going through the sequence without missing, go through it again using the right hand only, then with the left hand only.

8. Clothesline Art Show

  • String a clothesline or rope in your backyard.
  • Have your children paint pictures.
  • Hang their artwork on the line with clothespins.
  • Invite friends and neighbors to your art show.

9. Volcano Experiment


  • Dirt or wet sand
  • Small shovel or spoon
  • Two teaspoons baking soda
  • White vinegar


  • Build a mound of dirt ten inches high.
  • Dig a deep hole in the middle of the mound with a small shovel.
  • Put two teaspoons of baking soda in the hole.
  • Then slowly pour in vinegar and watch your volcano erupt!

10. Listen to the World

This activity can be done inside or outside. Sit beside your child or back to back, and close your eyes. Concentrate on listening to all the sounds around you. Listen to the world. Is the refrigerator humming, a plane flying overhead, the dog barking, or telephone ringing? Say what you hear. Can your child identify all the sounds? Are there any soft sounds? High sounds? Take turns being very quiet and then share what sounds you can hear.

Let’s talk: What’s your go-to fun activity in summer?