10 Compliments for Your Husband

My husband came home the other night a little down. His posture was slumping and the tone of his voice was slower and quieter. When I started asking him about his day it turned out his boss said something to him that made him feel like a failure. So I started to compliment him. It took some time, but gradually his spirits started to lift. I started to wonder, why don’t I compliment my husband more? Why did it take him feeling down for me to give him positive feedback?

Pop psychology has taught us that women are all about the words and that men could take verbal communication or leave it. But hold up! While men communicate a little differently, they still need affirmation and encouragement, especially from their wives. Here are 10 compliments for your husband that will strengthen your relationship.

1. Compliment his attractiveness.

Men tell us all the time that the sexual chemistry with their wives is very important. Let him know that he’s still wanted by letting him know when he looks handsome. Trust us, he’s dying to know you still think so.

2. Compliment his work ethic.

Working hard every day to provide for a family is a daunting task. Tell your husband that you appreciate how hard he works and that you’re proud of his professional accomplishments.

3. Compliment his skills as a dad.

It’s easy for moms to spend more time second-guessing and correcting dads in the parenting department than complimenting their contribution. When you see your husband making a positive impact on the kids in big ways or small, say so!

4. Compliment him as a spiritual leader.

Leading the family toward deeper relationships with God is another of the huge responsibilities your husband carries. Even if he’s still growing in this role, thanking him for what he gets right can encourage him to keep growing personally and to lead you and the kids with purpose.

5. Compliment him as an athlete.

There’s a little macho streak in every guy that likes to think he’s still got it on the court, the diamond, or the track. Cheer him on at the company softball game and fill his cup to the brim! (Just don’t let him break out that jersey and letter jacket from ’87.)

6. Compliment his character.

You may be the only person who knows the sacrifices your husband has made to do what’s right, rather than to simply get ahead. By all means, let him know that you notice his character and integrity and that you’re proud of the man he is.

7. Compliment his handiness.

Some guys are handier around the house than others, but deep down, they all want to be the guy who can fix/build/install anything. Even if the sandbox he built for the kids is a little lopsided, thank him for taking the time to make your home a great place to live.

8. Compliment his efforts in extended family relationships.

Believe us. If your husband gets along fairly well with your parents, it’s not without a little bit of effort. Let him know that you notice when he bites his tongue or sits through another Thanksgiving political rant by Uncle Herb without snapping, just for the sake of family unity. After all, he’s really doing it for you.

9. Compliment his personal interests.

Even if hunting or golf hold absolutely no interest for you, it’s nice to still be excited for him when he enjoys a new achievement in his hobby. So when he brings home that trophy after a hunting trip or finally sinks a hole in one, celebrate with him!

10. Compliment the little gestures.

Lucky is the woman who has a husband who’ll brave the cold to deice her windshield on a winter morning or who throws in a load of laundry when he knows she has a busy week at work. Compliment his thoughtfulness, and he’ll likely look for more ways to make your day better. 


Tell Us! What compliments work best for your husband?